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MCP Insight enters into a strategic partnership with Basebone

Pioneering digital content media-services provider, Basebone, partners with leading compliance and fraud monitoring specialists, MCP Insight, to enhance safety and security for consumers purchasing digital content.


This collaboration of two pioneering companies will bring together their existing formidable strengths to deliver continued and sustainable growth and an enhanced, safer end-user experience. Basebone’s highly successful OTT media services provision will combine with MCP’s deep understanding of brand and consumer protection, regulatory compliance and fraud monitoring in this strategic collaboration.

MCP and Basebone have strong synergies, including their mutual focus on a smooth and safe customer experience and the collaboration is certain to boost their market presence and strength. This exciting partnership aligns with Basebone's growth strategy and with its total commitment to giving its customers a smooth and secure user experience', says Thomas Schmidt, Chief Operations Officer at Basebone.

The growing demand for digital content and OTT services, together with the growth of increasingly sophisticated hacking and cyber-attacks on consumers and providers alike, means the collaboration comes at a very opportune time. ‘We are delighted to work with Basebone in pursuing our mutual aim of providing a safe environment for consumers to purchase digital content’, comments Declan Pettit, MCP Commercial Director.

Basebone has been a digital content OTT media-services provider since 2007, operating across Europe and Africa, and focusing its service provision on emerging markets. Basebone’s industry leading flagship product, Baseplay, offers a wide range of content under a unified brand including TV, Movies, Music, Games, Health and Fitness and E-Learning. Also, as end-to-end infrastructure providers, Basebone can offer Baseplay as a custom branded solution to enterprises such as MNOs and Handset Manufacturers.

MCP Insight is a compliance and fraud monitoring company specialising in mobile gateway traffic, serving Network Operators, Regulators, Payment Processors and Merchants across over thirty countries. MCP delivers its impressive range of services using various products, SCANNER (compliance), SHIELD (fraud detection), TRENDS (market trends & competitor benchmarking) and VERIFY (payment verification.) MCPs various monitoring systems and products help the industry wide trend for the growth of Direct Carrier Billing, by monitoring and identifying unsafe or fraudulent traffic.

About Basebone

Basebone is a Digital Content Company that provides OTT Media Services across Africa & Europe. Basebone are the creators and owners of Baseplay streaming services. Users enjoy a wide range of games, music and video content on their phone. Further information about Basebone can be found at

About MCP Insight
MCP Insight are a market intelligence and compliance / fraud monitoring company, specialising in mobile gateway traffic, with operations in over thirty countries across Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East. Clients include: Network Operators, Regulators, Payment Processors and Merchants. Further information about MCP Insight can be found at

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