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Linkam showcases new modular force stage (MFS) for characterising complex materials at Microscopy Conference MC2019

Market leader in temperature controlled microscopy, Linkam Scientific Instruments, will display the latest version of its tensile stage, the new Modular Force Stage (MFS) at this year’s Microscopy Conference MC2019 in Berlin. Designed to characterise the mechanical properties of samples, the system is a new and improved version of the popular TST350 tensile stage with increased sensitivity, resolution and a modular design.


Linkam’s new MFS is a compact tensile testing system with a temperature, gas and, optional humidity-controlled sample environment. It can be mounted on a microscope which can be used to directly image changes in the microstructure of a material while it is undergoing tensile, compression or bending (in-situ) testing. The latest version of the MFS will be demonstrated by the Linkam team at the upcoming Microscopy conference MC19.

The bi-annual Microscopy Conference is an opportunity for the leading figures in Microscopy to display their latest developments. This conference is part of a series of events created by the German Society for Electron Microscopy (DGE) which invites world-renowned experts to exchange ideas and establish new collaborations.

Visitors to stand 31 will be talked through the various features of the MFS, including its modular design, which allows users to have an additional level of control over their experiments with the ability to change grips, heater types and force beams. The MFS also offers a flexible upgrade and customisation path and has been designed to accommodate a wide range of different samples and applications, from carbon fibre and graphene in engineering, to new materials for surgical implants and much more.

Linkam will be adding additional options for the MFS in the future, to address the specific needs of its customers and are encouraging attendees to MC19 to discuss their projects with their research and development team.

Duncan Stacey, Sales and Marketing Director at Linkam, said: “Standard tensile and compressive testing systems tend to be large, making it difficult to test small samples. They also tend to work in ambient conditions and while ideal for testing bulk materials it is not easy to understand the microstructure of a material. The new MFS represents a real step change in the ability to understand the micro and thermo mechanical properties of materials.

“We have been developing this unique upgrade in close partnership with our customers to meet the challenges they face with the materials being employed to meet ever higher engineering demands. The new MFS is designed to meet the highest standards in tensile testing to provide reliable and accurate results relative to temperature.”

Linkam will also have a range of other temperature controlled stages on show, including the latest version of the CMS196 for Cryo correlative applications.

Visit Linkam at and learn about the broad range of applications in the field of temperature-controlled microscopy.

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