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API UK helps food and beverage process industry exceed hygienic requirements

Stainless steel pneumatic cylinders from API UK are helping food and beverage manufacturers up and down the country exceed hygienic process requirements.


Hygiene is paramount when it comes to choosing machinery components for the food and beverage manufacturing industry. Manufacturers must focus on meeting stringent hygiene standards to ensure that their products aren’t compromised. Therefore, all food-grade pneumatics which manufacturers such as API UK produce must be able to withstand contact with potentially corrosive substances during CIP cleaning processes.

API Pneumatic UK has gained a reputation over the past few as one of the few UK-based pneumatic component manufacturers who specialise in stainless steel equipment. The Stoke-On-Trent based company has become highly skilled at manufacturing stainless steel products, with a comprehensive range of products within its extensive portfolio.

“We don’t limit our skills to pneumatic cylinders alone”, explains Tim Swift of API UK. “We also have a range of FRL’s for air treatment, spool valves and fittings, all of which have been manufactured from stainless steel. We aim to provide the ultimate solution in food-grade pneumatics, achieved only by using the highest grade of 316 stainless steel. When manufacturing stainless steel components specifically for the food and beverage industry, we understand that each element of the product must be considered. Our team of experts can help you select the correct product for your specific application requirements”.

One of the main advantages possessed by investing in stainless steel equipment such as pneumatic cylinders, FRL’s and valves is cost-effectiveness. “While they may seem expensive to purchase initially, stainless steel cylinders and valves will ensure the smooth running of your food and beverage application”, continues Tim. “In the long run, your food-grade pneumatic components will pay for themselves time and time and again, as they continue to perform to the highest standard, even when faced with corrosive materials”.

The lead product of API UK’s stainless steel equipment is its comprehensive selection of pneumatic cylinders. API UK manufactures and supplies a variety of ISO, compact and roundline pneumatic cylinders sp[eciically for the food and beverage industry. “Manufactured from hygienic stainless steel, each of these pneumatic cylinder types is designed to prevent contamination at every corner. Our ISO 15552 and compact cylinders pay particular attention to the end caps, to ensure there are no external casting cavities. Furthermore, our roundline cylinders feature smooth surface bodies which are free of any cavities”.

API UK emphasises clean design for its stainless steel cylinders. “This attention to detail means that nothing can settle on the cylinder and compromise hygiene standards”, continues Tim. “Every element even down to the lubrication is considered when manufacturing food-grade pneumatics. At API, we use synthetic lubrication which conforms to FDA section 21 CFR 178 about accidental contact with food”.

Another aspect where stainless steel components can assist with food and beverage production is with washdowns. A necessary aspect of product manufacturing, this process requires the use of a caustic cleaning agent. “If you were to use a non-stainless steel cylinder, these agents would eat into anodised aluminium and cause the cylinder to fail”, explains Tim. “By comparison, if you were to use one of our stainless steel cylinders, perhaps accompanied by one of our stainless steel spool valves for good measure, this would essentially create an all-around corrosion-resistant solution. This would support the extended life of your product, even when exposed to corrosive substances. Alternatively, we also have a range of modular airline equipment such as filter regulator lubricators (FRLs). These air treatment solutions are lightweight and compact in design, as well as corrosion-resistant which make them perfect components for the food and beverage industry”.

Brand information:

Since 1996, API Pneumatic UK hs been supplying high-quality pneumatic cylinders throughout the country. As pneumatic cylinder manufacturers and suppliers, API UK has a broad portfolio of cylinder types including ISO, roundline, short stroke, compact, cartridge and rodless cylinders. API UK is one of the few companies to provide it’s own the line of stainless steel pneumatic cylinders. Built from the highest grade 316 stainless steel, API UK stainless steel cylinders offer the highest level of corrosion resistance for pharmaceutical, oil and gas and food and beverage industry. As specialist stainless steel manufacturers, API UK can turn around product around in 2 to 3 weeks, as opposed to the industry average of around 2 months.

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