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Celebrity Music Kitchen, Airing on RCN TV This Fall

New Variety TV Show Where Food Is the Inspiration for an Evening of Laughter and Entertainment.


By: Brushwood Media Group

LOS ANGELES - Aug. 27, 2019 -- Brushwood Media Group and Len’s Miracles announced their new hit tv show, “Celebrity Music Kitchen” will be airing this fall on RCN TV Network. The Show features, “Pam and Joyce Vincent”, from "Tony Orlando & Dawn", and "The Supremes", with co-host, Hollywood Dawkins.

Celebrity Music Kitchen is not a cooking program. In each episode, the audience is made to feel that they are at a fun dinner party filled with well-known guests, who entertain us and their hosts via their conversation and fun.
Although the show will feature many legendary entertainers that generations of fans will know very
well, the show will also feature both new and up and coming artists as well. Each episode will be a showcase for these up and coming artists to perform and talk about their careers and gain further exposure while bonding with their fellow performers.

Director Len Rosen said, “This is one of my favorite shows to work on. The cast and celebrity guests were like family. We were thrilled, yet sadden to finish filming the first season,”.

For show times and more information on RCN TV, go to:

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