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Yuri Rutman's Film About Siderodromophilia Hits 33 Million Homes Via Shorts.Tv

A Chicago Produced Movie By Actor-Director Yuri Rutman Reaches A Global Audience On The Shorts.Tv Channel


ShortsTV™, the world's only Short Film Channel ( and official distributor of the OSCAR® Nominated Short Films has acquired Yuri Rutman's erotically fueled drama, "Trained", which Rutman wrote, directed, and stars in.

Jenny Diamico stars as Emma, a woman who suffers from an actual condition known as Siderodromophilia. She cannot get aroused unless she is on or around moving trains. Rutman plays her lover, Jake, who is desperately trying to normalize her. Jason Elkins rounds out the cast as a psychiatrist.

"Trained" was produced by Rutman and Scott Drucker, who also DP'ed. "Trained" dives deep into mental health, sexuality, unconditional love, and consciousness awakenings.

The beautifully lensed 18-minute film was shot in Chicago over a 2 day period, after Drucker told Rutman he had a limited schedule because of a ski trip. Rutman wrote the script, found Diamico after an almost impossible casting search because of the highly charged love scenes, and, added Elkins whom he worked with on "Mr. Id" within a 2 week period.

"No one believes we made the film in two days", states Rutman. We were like Navy Seals on a mission doing some serious guerilla filmmaking all over Chicago. Plus, Scott had a horrible flu so it's just amazing what the final film looks like".

The deal was made after Rutman submitted his film to ShortsTV for consideration and was signed for a US and EMEA broadcast deal.

Prior to "Trained", Rutman starred in a national tv spot for, directed by Craig Gillespie ("I Tonya", "The Finest Hours", "Fright Night"). Rutman has been an EP and director on several docuseries and films. Drucker is best known for directing "Who Is Arthur Chu".

R.P. White, Scott Wartham, Scott Sorrentino, Vic Sagalovsky, & Tom Makedon were EP's. Mark Raccuia, Karen Adler, Nicholas M. Rutman, Sandy Horowitz, & Emiliya Baydina Co- Produced. Rebecca Berger of Andromeda Post Chicago edited along with Sheila Patterson.

Trained's first airing on the Shorts.TV premiered on August 31, 2019. "Trained" is also available on Amazon Prime Video.

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