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BelVG Starts Providing Expert Magento Support

No More Downtimes with BelVG Magento Support

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE / PRURGENT\r\n\r\n\r\nDespite the fact that Magento is a leading ecommerce platform with an enhanced operation speed and enforced security, it is not 100% fail free. Unpleasant surprises happen, and there is hardly any way to entirely secure you ecommerce from it. What you can do instead is to find a knowledgeable and reliable Magento support partner who will deal with all the occurring issues quickly and efficiently. BelVG, a well-reputed Magento development agency, begins providing a new service - Magento Support, so if you need a reliable support partner, turn to us! Find out more:\r\n\r\nLet’s face it - nothing discourages a customer to purchase from the brand like a webstore that does not function properly. You may be investing thousands of dollars to the product Research & Development, exciting marketing campaigns and promotion, loyal customers’ retention programs, but all these investments may prove useless if the clients will experience troubles with product display, payment processing, shopping carts or any other critical part of the webstore. And if the issues are fixed slowly and inefficiently, this may create a negative reputation for your brand. This is a worst-case scenario no ecommerce is eager to experience.\r\n\r\nTurn to BelVG and we will become your dedicated Magento support team. We will closely monitor the health of your online store and apply all our expertise to detect and fix possible weaknesses, preventing them from harming your business. In the case of a global and unexpected problem, like a hacker attack or website crash, we will allocate all our resources to get your store back on track as soon as possible. BelVG certified developers also conduct a thorough Magento code audit, including third-party integrations and built-in tools, and regularly update you on the status so that you would be abreast of the whole situation. Learn more about Magento audit at \r\n\r\nBelVG is a team of Magento enthusiasts; we love what we do and care deeply about the level of service we provide. We also respect our current and future clients and do our best to cater to their needs. We do not charge any project management fees and leave it up to you to cancel our services at any time. If you need any other Magento services, like Magento Development, we will be happy to discuss with you our further cooperation. To learn more about this service, follow the link:

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