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New Book Sheds Heartfelt Light on Many Taboo Topics

Announcing the debut book for speaker, nonprofit founder, and disruptor Stacy Bernal.


Ogden, UT, USA October 4, 2019— In her highly anticipated debut novel, nationally-acclaimed speaker and disruptor Stacy Bernal tackles some weighty topics, such as childhood sexual abuse, suicide, autism parenting, and breast implant illness in a surprisingly heartfelt and humorous way in The Things We Don’t Talk About: A Memoir of Hardships, Healing, and Hope.

“As I’ve traveled around the country speaking at events, I’ve discovered that no matter where I go there are always so many people who share parallel journeys and similar stories to my own,” Bernal said. “I’ve met some incredible people who have inspired me to write this book and share my story, in the hopes that it will create ripple effects of positive change for other people who may be struggling with similar issues as me.”

Bernal began her speaking career in March of 2017, when she shared her story of ‘Failure to Finisher’ about how running her first marathon in 2009 changed her life. At the time, she was a three-time divorced, three-time college dropout on government assistance and was barely able to afford rent and groceries for herself and her autistic son.
At her very lowest point, she found herself feeling utterly hopeless about life. She credits running her first 26.2-mile race as a literal lifesaver. From there, she redirected the course of her life, going back to college in 2010 where she eventually graduated Summa Cum Laude at 36-years-old.

Her memoir chronicles the lessons she learned throughout her years of hardships: how shame and trauma from childhood abuse silenced her and created insurmountable limiting self-beliefs, and how overcoming the odds transformed her mindset. Through authentic storytelling and wholehearted living, she found peace and empowerment. Those lessons have helped Bernal help others.
“I feel like every horrible, painful experience from my past has served a purpose in helping me become who I am today,” said Bernal. In 2018, she started an autism awareness event in her community and in 2019 she founded a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Bernal Badassery Foundation. “I really want to pay it forward and help others who are struggling,” she said.

Her book, available on Amazon, is meant to inspire people by the power of the human spirit. Bernal is also donating a portion of all book sales to her nonprofit. A list of upcoming book events can be found at For more information, send email inquiries to

About the Author: Stacy Bernal has been featured on Thrive Global, HER Magazine, Autism Parenting Magazine, and Scary Mommy. She has spoken around the country for school districts, women’s groups, and corporate trainings. She is a founding member for the US chapter of the global organization, KeyNote Women Speakers. When she isn’t speaking or writing, she’s playing with kids and fur babies, going for a run, or tackling the never-ending pile of laundry.

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