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New Book Goodbye Me Hello Me Will Get You Undressed, Exposing Yourself To YOU

The mirror requests the pleasure of your company and presence to attend the celebration of discovering yourself again to be the best version of you. Your cocoon season has come to an end, as you go through your metamorphosis to gain your wings to fly. The time is now for the real YOU to emerge.


England, United Kingdom, 7th November 2019 – Jennifer V M Williams Goodbye Me Hello Me book will help you to let go of the old that is keeping you captive and bound so that you can walk into your future embracing the new. You will be taking a journey of discovery in finding yourself again, so you can live and be the very best version of YOU. The hour is now to empower yourself to take back control of your life and to release what is stopping you from moving forward. It is time to create the life that you want and do you. With the eviction notice served and bags packed, the walkaway movement has begun. It is time to live in the freedom of being who you are.

Goodbye Me Hello Me speaks about a time and season in my life that was very dim. I was the person constantly looking in the mirror and not being happy with what I saw. My life on the outside not mirroring up and reflecting who I knew to be on the inside. The book was written from the heart and from a place that I had not visited before. A dark valley I had found myself in. It was birthed out of my own experiences and I am sharing my hurt, pain, and lessons with the world. The time was now to take back ownership of my life. My desire is that you will be enlightened by this book, and it wakes you up to be YOU before it is too late.

“Goodbye Me Hello Me book will stir up something within you, igniting a flame inside and awakening your passion for life again. Your voice is so powerful and can never be silenced. Give your pain a purpose as you find the freedom to be YOU,” says Jennifer.

Her book will be released on 7th November 2019, and be available on Amazon, Apple, Barns & Noble, Kobo, and most digital outlets. You will also find Jennifer’s book in some bookstores.

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About the Author

Jennifer V M Williams is an Author, Mentor, Speaker, Counsellor, and Coach. She loves to empower individuals to take back control of their lives and help them to move forward in creating the life they want, by tapping into their true potential, passion, and creativity. Jennifer does not just draw from her work and life experiences alone to help people, but also knowledge, training and skills learnt over the years in Business, Counselling and Psychotherapy, Coaching, Mentoring, to name a few. Jennifer is committed to using the pain, experiences, lessons, and challenges of her past to reach out to others and be a lifeline.

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