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Santa Fe Author’s Debut Novel Raises Eyebrows

For a limited time, Salomé is available for free in Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Santa Fe, New Mexico November 6, 2019

Salomé by Alex David is certainly not an erotic love toy! Despite its suggestive name, Salomé is a WWII historical fiction novel set in the Middle East. As book I in the London to Cairo trilogy it captures the flavors of Cairo and Israel, tension, heat, war, and noise.

How can one possibly fall in love in such an explosive environment?

Salomé transports the reader to a different time and place, seesaw-like between the droll and horrific. William Westbrook, a young British medic, falls for a mute refugee on his father’s estate in Cairo, Egypt. He names her…Salomé. William tries to protect Salomé but loses her to a Cairene mob rioting in the suk. After a daring rescue, William and Salomé are swept apart. Desolate, William hops on a train to Tel Aviv and joins a Zionist underground organization!

With mysteries and carnage wrapped round his endeavors, along with a garlicky landlady with roving hands, William has to come to terms with his actions.

Alex David’s characters are almost caricatures of One Thousand and One Nights who would scoff at the idea. Even when some historical detail tries to slow down the plot, Alex brings in creatures that either caterwaul horrendously or add spice in their turn. Middle Eastern desserts and main-dishes come and go but hellbroth, whatever that is, remains revered.

But why write such a love story? Alex David is simply breathing life and imagination into her grandfathers’ stories about their war. One grandfather, because of his looks, donned enemy uniform to smuggle refugees across borders. The other grandfather was a mighty prankster.

For a limited time, Salomé is available for free in Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Take advantage of it!

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