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Basebone enters into partnership with A Kabelo Manaka Film.

Boutique production house, A Kabelo Manaka Film, partners with leading mobile entertainment content provider, Basebone.


Boutique production house, A Kabelo Manaka Film, partners with leading mobile entertainment content provider, Basebone.

The partnership of Basebone and A Kabelo Manaka Film, brings together two companies that are both focused on original content and catering for users who are ‘on the move’ and for whom short duration, bite sized, high quality content is very important. Both companies are also keen on continued market growth.

A Kabelo Manaka Film, is a young (2019) and vibrant company, specialising in short format content and offering end-to-end capability including scriptwriting, filming, editing, animation and live streaming services. Among its current production successes is an online mobile pop culture show, ‘Urban Kulture’, catering for South Africans in the nineteen to thirty-five age group. The company focuses on ‘untold content’ and brand opportunities collaboration with pop culture influencers such as Khuli Chana and AKA and thereby appealing to the broader pop consumers.

Basebone, with its highly successful Baseplay streaming service offering games, movies, fitness, education and e-.learning courses, will expand their catalogue with the original content of, A Kabelo Manaka Film, directed at their common South African market place, and most likely from the broader pop culture consumer market, targeted by A Kabelo Manaka Film. A Kabelo Manaka Film, will in turn benefit from the market reach of the Basebone platform and its end-to-end infrastructure and customer service capabilities. ‘Basebone is delighted to be working with, A Kabelo Manaka Film, because of their original content, their energy and our shared market growth aspirations’, says Ilaria Bucci, Senior Product Manager at Basebone.

The short format HD content that, A Kabelo Manaka Film, produces, typically of four minutes duration, is intended to be easily enjoyed by commuters or those waiting for buses, taxis and trains. This short format is highly shareable, which in turn increases the reach of the content. Before they publish a particular piece of content, the film company breaks it up into ‘moments’ that are used as ‘teasers’, on social media. ‘The Social media teaser content works to reassure the audience that the content is valuable and won’t disappoint’, says Kabelo Manaka, Executive Producer and Creator of, A Kabelo Manaka Film.

About Basebone
Basebone is a Digital Content Company that provides OTT Media Services across Africa & Europe. Basebone are the creators and owners of Baseplay streaming services. Users enjoy a wide range of games, music and video content on their phone. Further information about Basebone can be found at


About A Kabelo Manaka Film
A Kabelo Manaka Film, is a group of young and vibrant creators from Pretoria, specialising in short format content (commercials, online video productions, music video, documentaries & short films). A Kabelo Manaka Film produces the finest urban content that resonates with today's culture."

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