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Live Phone Call from Santa Claus with CD recording or conversation.


Santa Claus has gone hi-Tech. When it comes to Christmas there is not anything much more exciting than for a Child to talk to Santa Claus in person. Not only now does Santa visit the mall but thanks to his friends and his highly efficient staff he is taking the time to call Children personally this year. Santa is taking a few hours out of his busy schedule to make personal phone calls to Children to talk about their wish list and being on his good list this year.

A Parkersburg West Virginia production company is has been chosen to help Santa create some very special memories for Children and even a few adults.

Sweetsong Audio/Video Productions has made arrangements with the North Pole to help Santa Claus call as many Children as he can this Christmas season. Not only will Santa make a personal 3-5 minute call but Sweetsong Productions is recording each and every call and producing a CD so parents can have a wonderful keepsake they will treasure for a lifetime.

. “We have had parents many years later after their Children have grown tell us that the CD of the special Santa call is greatest memory they have”

Not only will Santa make a personal phone call and recording, but a Santa’s evidence kit to prove Santa visited their house is available and the North Pole is also issuing several Good Lists Awards to Children who have been good this year! Since the North Pole phone number is unlisted and many children want to talk to Santa a website has been established for parents to arrange a personal phone call and CD of the call on a limited basis.

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