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Imani Lee Expands Its Language Services Work Throughout California

Imani Lee continues to expand their operations throughout the state of California, entering into an expanded agreement with The City of San Diego for translation services.


Imani Lee continues to expand their operations throughout the state of California as it enters into an expanded agreement with The City of San Diego for translation services in various languages.

Imani Lee’s relationship with the City of San Diego, began after their work with the San Diego Adoption and San Diego Child Services. As a result of an extremely successful partnership, Imani Lee quickly developed a reputation among the City of San Diego as a strong and capable San Diego based language services company.

Historically, Imani Lee’s focus was on federal government and expanded into California government. In 2016, Imani Lee was awarded a multi-year contract with the California Department of Real Estate (DRE). They provided the DRE with translation and desktop publishing services, primarily in the languages of Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Korean, including the completion of a large Braille language project.

Today, Imani Lee proudly provides the City and County of San Diego with language services for their legal work, child services, multi-lingual body cam footage, audio transcription, and general translation services.

Lee E. Martin, Chief Executive Officer of Imani Lee, Inc. stated, “Imani Lee looks forward to continuing to grow our relationship with the City and County of San Diego. Local relationship’s like these, allow the company to provide more employment opportunities for San Diego residents.”


Imani Lee, Inc. and Imani Lee Language Services has been serving the San Diego and global marketplace for over 17 years. Since 2002, Imani Lee and its affiliate companies have been trusted by the federal government, state governments, various businesses, and some of the world’s fastest growing corporations. Imani Lee, Inc. is a leading provider of language services including translation, interpretation, transcription, language and cultural training, multi-lingual educational curriculum development, software localization, and more. Imani Lee possesses in-house language experts in Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, Hindi, Punjabi, and Chinese. In conjunction with its network of over 3,500 linguists, Imani Lee provides translation services in 150+ languages and dialects. Imani Lee also provides:

• Direct-to-consumer certification and notarization services
• Interpreting for conferences, business meetings, and consumers; delivered onsite or via the telephone
• International marketing services such as transcreation and foreign social media management
• Multilingual content and development
• Life sciences language services including multi-phase harmonization and validation
• International business localization and cultural training
• International strategic alliance and partnership consulting services
• International sales rollout and distribution of new and existing products and services
• Federal and civilian government distribution, sales, master agreement product and services inclusion and partnership services

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