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TroonDx introduces a New Platform that solve the Biggest Problem with Big Data

Advanced No Code Blockchain Platform includes three innovative solutions such as SineId, Data Vault and Insights


Quality v/s Quantity Data has always been the biggest concern with Big Data. Earlier the popular perception was cleansing the available data and applying some advanced algorithms derives actionable insights for better-decision making but it is actually not. Meaningful Insights can bring an impressive growth for a business and the insights are accurate only when the data fed into the system is 100% valid and verified.

How TroonDx Platform tackle this situation?

TroonDx developed an ideal platform for businesses who continue to rely on outdated approaches for identity verification that are not up to scratch in the current landscape.

The Advanced No Code Platform leverages most disrupting technologies like Blockchain, Ai and Machine Learning to achieve context-aware identity verification. The platform comprises of three distinct solutions through which data travels.

Layer 1: TroonDx SineID – Multifactor Passwordless Authentication System on Blockchain.

This helps replace SMS based OTP using the Decentralized identity and transaction verification system via customer mobile device based fingerprint/facial authentication. Employees/Customers signing into an application using SineID will be provoked to verify his/her identity using Biometrics such as Face or Fingerprint on their mobile device. Protected by Blockchain, every single login to the system is tracked, monitored and recorded and unauthorized access is made void.

Layer 2: TroonDx Data Vault - A Blockchain-Enabled Data Vault Modeling

This helps Private Enterprises, Public Corporations, and Governments to securely manage data, enable interoperability, digital identities and data-driven decision-making. TroonDx Data Vault follows PEF-FSI Approach – Privacy Enabled Secure Flow of Information using Blockchain.

Layer 3: TroonDx Insights – Delivers Actionable Insights, Triggers Collaborative Action

Unlike other Data Analytics Tool in the market, TroonDx Insights differ by revealing meaningful insights but also send back the necessary action to be taken to the respective owners in the system using machine learning algorithms.

By addressing three key challenges in business, this No Code SAAS-enabled all in one Blockchain, AI and Data Engineering Platform enables Independent Software Vendors, Enterprises or Government entities to rapidly implement their business models on Blockchain using its Flexible and intuitive framework.

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