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THINKWARE, the world-leading dash cam company, will unveil its latest products and exciting AR (Augmented Reality) solution at this year’s CES.


THINKWARE is excited to have a demo of its Augmented Reality (AR) navigation solution on hand, which comes equipped with a heads-up display and uses the latest local map data to keep drivers informed and safe.

This AR solution at this year’s CES is characterized by advanced UI (User Interface), response rate, and connection to the HUD and navigation. In addition, it offers the following features:  
• A library-type solution that can be serviced with integrated maps of locations around the world 
• Solutions like game engines that can display AVN, CLUSTER, HUD, and more
• A solution that can be customized as required by the manufacturer 
In addition to the AR solution, new products will also be unveiled in Las Vegas at CES 2020. The following dash cams will be on display:
• U1000: THINKWARE’s first dash cam that features strikingly clear 4K resolution and boasts a comprehensive driver-assistance warning system.
• QXD Mega 4CH: A 4-channel dash cam that covers the entire vehicle (Front/Rear/Right/Left).
• Q800 PRO: The next generation of the F800 PRO dash cam, featuring Quad High Definition (QHD) technology.
• Blade: The next generation of THINKWARE’s existing F770 model launching in summer 2020. The Blade offers users detachable, full high-definition front and rear cameras with a slim design in addition to Cloud and LTE-M connectivity.
• T700/ X700 (LTE-M): THINKWARE’s most connected dash cams yet. With a 4G LTE modem and THINKWARE Cloud 2.0. The T700 is capable of transmitting videos with LTE Cat 4, while the X700 (LTE-M) can transmit motion jpeg and location information.
• X700: Offering an easy to navigate touch screen, full HD two-channel, advanced driver assistance, parking surveillance mode and more
• F200: A versatile dual-channel dash cam with built-in Wi-Fi
• F70: An entry-level dash cam featuring the latest Energy Saving Parking Recording Mode

With THINKWARE’s connected devices such as T700 (LTE Cat 4) and X700 (LTE-M), customers have the option to choose from three network options: LTE, LTE-M, and NB-IoT. T700 offers a built-in LTE Cat 4 module, and X700 includes LTE-M and GPS. The first THINKWARE camera to be compatible with LTE-M is the X700, with additional products following next year.
The LTE product has similar services to the U1000, and T700 in particular features an SOS button for emergencies, sending an alert and uploading a video clip 5 seconds before pressing, and 5 seconds after.
THINKWARE’s LTE-M is using the lower cost and wider coverage offered by mobile IoT technologies to provide its consumers with a rich suite of services. Because of the narrower bandwidth, only still images are uploaded upon impact. The companion app is used to receive these images, locate the vehicle and even remotely monitor the car battery voltage and switch the camera off in parking mode.

“CES 2020 is a fantastic opportunity for us to unveil our suite of new, exciting technological enhancements,” said Tim Sagar, THINKWARE’s Business Development Manager. “New products, such as the Blade, will be introduced with LTE-M capability built-in, while we also look to make the technology compatible with our existing X700 and U1000 models.” 

“We’re seeing more and more insurers using dash cam footage when reviewing claims. Dash cameras provide vital evidence in these cases, and by enhancing the capabilities of our technology, we’re able to extend the range of coverage and help our users if they are involved in an accident or have to make a claim following an incident in areas not always covered by an LTE network, such as an underground car park or rural road.” 

THINKWARE will be attending CES 2020 on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 to Friday, January 10, 2020. For an one-on-one meeting, please contact or

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