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Street Art in Madrid for UN Climate Conference to Inspire the World to Act on Sustainability Goals

Two new street art murals emerge in Madrid as world governments continue to deliberate the Paris Agreement during the longest UN Climate Conference on record in the past 25 years


December 19, 2019 – During the recent United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ( (UNFCCC) conference — COP 25 — in Madrid, Spain, NYC-based Greenpoint Innovations (GPI – teamed up with Barcelona-based artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada (Gerada - to create two new street art pieces for the first international activation of GPI's 'art plus purpose' series, GreenPoint EARTH (

The mission of GreenPoint EARTH is to leverage the incredible power of public art to inspire climate action with positive messages about the interconnected themes of nature, people, and climate. Curated by global climate sustainability expert and founder of GPI, Stephen Donofrio. Artist Gerada has since the 1990's in NYC been producing works with a social and ecological commentary, and is most well-known for his pioneering 'Terrestrial Series."

The art was a part of a broad program of innovative engagement activities showcased at COP 25, supported by local and global organizations including the City and Community of Madrid, UNFCCC, NWF-International, Arbor Day Foundation, and Forest Trends. Visit ( to get involved in natural climate solutions.

• 12/06: Action Hub - "GreenPoint EARTH Film Premiere & Panel Discussion"
• 12/12: UNFCCC Pavilion Panel with SDG Action – "GREENPOINT EARTH: Helping Communities Act on Climate Change through Street Art+Purpose"

Featured in one of the murals is a portrait of Hilda Pérez, a leader of the Indigenous Ashaninka Community located in Peru. Notably, the colors of the feather headdress represent each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations. She is also the Vice President of the National Organization of Andean and Amazonian Indigenous Women of Peru (ONAMIAP).

The second mural, 'Forest Focus,' is an eye of Planet Earth, with the Amazon rainforest as the pupil and Chile clearly visible as a homage to the official COP 25 host country. The mural shines a light on the opportunity in addressing natural forest loss as pathway to climate stability, habitat conservation, and ecosystems preservation.

The wall host for the murals is the Occupational Center in Lineal City, a center for people with intellectual disabilities.

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