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Regulation D Resources Announces Planned Launch of Regulation A+ Offering Preparation Services

Denver based Regulation D Resources has announced a Spring 2020 launch of Regulation A+ Offering Preparation Services for companies seeking to raise capital using the SEC's Regulation A+ program.


Lakewood, Colorado (January 16, 2020)

Regulation D Resources Enterprises, Inc. (“RDR”) announced today the planned launch of a new service for the preparation of Regulation A+ securities offerings. RDR, formed in 1999, currently specializes in providing services for the preparation and execution of Regulation D exempt securities offerings. Both Regulation D and Regulation A+ are Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) programs that provide companies seeking to raise capital an exemption from executing a fully registered securities offering. While Regulation D offerings are more streamlined in terms of compliance and cost, the Regulation A+ program provides the benefit of fully public solicitation of investors and the ability to accept investment from any investor (accredited or non-accredited).

RDR President and Founder Douglas Ruark said, “We are very excited about the creation of our Regulation A offering preparation services. With the recent changes made to the Regulation A programs, along with the infrastructure we have built for the preparation and support of Regulation D offerings, we felt the time was right for the launch of this service.”

Regulation A offerings require submission of offering materials to the SEC for review, comment, and final qualification. The Regulation A+ Offering services provided by RDR will include the drafting, submission, and final qualification of the Form 1A offering circular, offering structuring and compliance support, on-going offering execution support, and assistance with any SEC reporting. The development of offering circular documentation, and handling of the SEC submission process through qualification, will be managed by a licensed RDR staff attorney. The service will also include the build and deployment of RDR’s proprietary Investor Web Portal software designed to engage investor prospects for the Regulation A offering and manage such prospects through all investment processes, provide an investor relations solution, and offering administrative management.

“We are planning on doing for Regulation A Offerings what we did for Regulation D Offerings, which is to deploy our time tested internal operating processes to provide a superior high quality service for a very reasonable price point”, continued RDR President Douglas Ruark. “As of the date of this release, we are estimating the Regulation A+ preparation and support service, including the Investor Web Portal Build, will be between $35,000 and $40,000 total cost, with that fee paid in three installments. This is significantly less than current competitors offering similar services and our competitors don’t have in-house investor portal software for management of the offering.”

The planned launch date for the Regulation A+ service is currently estimated to be late March or early April 2020.

Interested parties can find more information on RDR’s current and planned services by calling (303) 984-4883 or visiting the company’s website located at

About Regulation D Resources

Regulation D Resources (“RDR”) was formed in 1999 to provide Regulation D Offering preparation and execution support services to entrepreneurs and growing private companies.
Headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado, RDR is one of the leading Regulation D private placement advisory services providers in the United States with a comprehensive matrix of services that spans transaction structuring, offering preparation, assistance with SEC and State securities compliance, and access to resources in the capital markets through RDR’s broker-dealer relationships and FINRA broker-dealer resources. In 2015 RDR developed and launched its proprietary Investor Web Portal software system that tracks and manages all processes related to a securities offering and provides CRM and investor relations solutions for on-going investor management.

Since 1999, RDR has assisted in the preparation of over 5,000 Regulation D exempt private placement offering transactions. The Company is located at 7333 W. Jefferson Ave., Suite 225, Lakewood, CO 80235. The company’s website is located at and the main office line is (303) 984-4883.

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