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Fairfax Immigration Attorney Discusses Family Based Green Card Process

A Fairfax VA immigration attorney at Johnson & Masumi recently released a blog discussing, “How to Apply for a Family Based Green Card.”


Vienna, Virginia (prurgent) January 25, 2020 - A Fairfax VA immigration attorney at Johnson & Masumi recently released a blog discussing, "How to Apply for a Family Based Green Card" for family members to come to the United States.

Due to the Immigration and Nationality Act's limits on the number of family-based green cards that are granted each year to foreign nationals, there are strict guidelines in place that outline which family members are eligible for a green card. The U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) determines who is eligible based on a series of criteria. That said, the only family members you can petition to come to the U.S are your spouse, any unmarried children under 21 years of age, and any unmarried son or daughter of any age. This process may take years as immediate relatives are first priority.

The first step to filing a family based green card is to file form I-130 which is a petition for Alien Relatives. If the petition is approved, the relative will apply to become a lawful permanent resident when there is a visa number available. The next step is to show proof that you are a permanent resident of the U.S. You will then submit proof that you have a relationship with that relative via marriage certificate, birth certificate, or a similar supporting document. Lastly you will provide proof of any legal name change for either you or your family member. Family based green cards are sectioned into preference categories from first to fourth preference, which is something you will want to consider as well.

Speak to the Fairfax VA immigration attorneys at Johnson & Masumi for more information about family based green cards and how your family members can qualify for it and begin the process. The firm's experienced attorneys can assist you throughout the process of requirements and procedures for applying for the family based green cards to ensure you can obtain it. Johnson & Masumi can also help navigate the application process for a range of visas, including employment, refugee, and green card applications. The firm can be contacted at 703-688-8279 or online at Their office is located at 8300 Boone Blvd. Suite 225, Vienna, VA 22182.


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