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Niswey hosts 2020’s first HubSpot Users Group event for New Delhi’s HubSpot community

Niswey hosted 2020's first HubSpot Users Group New Delhi meetup event on 13th February. The topic of the event centered around HubSpot's new product features and included a panel discussion between veteran HubSpot users. They talked about how to best use HubSpot and the community to create maximum business growth opportunities. The event was attended by sales and marketing leaders from businesses across Delhi NCR.


NEW DELHI, 14th Feb, 2020: Niswey hosted this year’s first HubSpot Users Group New Delhi meetup at The Muse Sarovar Portico on Thursday, 13th February. The event focused on conversations around HubSpot, challenges and solutions for HubSpot users, and was attended by sales and marketing leaders of prominent businesses across Delhi NCR.

The HubSpot Users Groups (HUGs) are city or region specific communities that bring together marketers and industry experts to facilitate knowledge sharing and growth. There are over 150 HUGs across the world, with three in India – Bengaluru, Chennai, and New Delhi.

In 2019, Abhinav Sahai, COO, Niswey was selected as the HubSpot User Group Leader for the Delhi/NCR region, post which Niswey hosted four successful events last year. This year, Abhinav has renewed his position, which entitles Niswey to host at least one event every quarter. The meetup in February was the first of four events to be organized in 2020.

For the first event of the year, Deepak Bisht, Inbound Marketing Specialist at Niswey, started off by taking a session on “2020 HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise Features Overview”. It highlighted the key updates and features introduced by HubSpot related to multi-touch attribution, ABM execution, adaptive testing and more.

This was followed by an insightful panel discussion between veteran HubSpot users Ritesh Kumar from Srijan, Sonia Chugh from RoundGlass, and Suma E P from Niswey. Abhinav Sahai, COO Niswey, moderated this panel and initiated discussions on the panelists’ journey with HubSpot, key challenges in adoption, and tips for other HubSpot users in the audience.

Commenting on HubSpot and its relevance in the business world, Ritesh Kumar, Marketing Executive at Srijan said, “It is more powerful than you think. Other than marketing workflows and sales automation, we have also been able to automate keeping track of MSAs and Scope of Work statements.”

Agreeing with this thought, Sonia Chugh, Digital Marketing Specialist at RoundGlass added, “HubSpot is very user-friendly. So just explore it. HubSpot is made for you!”

The attendees also put forth their doubts and queries regarding HubSpot and its many features. Commenting on the same, Suma EP, CEO, Niswey said, “There is a very vibrant HubSpot community across the globe. Make use of this support. Because in most cases, the answer to your problem already exists out there.”

Abhinav Sahai, COO Niswey, concluded the event by leaving the audience with an important thought, “If you can think through a problem, then there is likely to be a solution in HubSpot.”

The gathering then broke for a networking session where the attendees and the panelists shared stories and ideas related to their experience with HubSpot. The event was a success and gave the New Delhi HubSpot users an opportunity to interact with each other.

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