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Non-Profit Skateistan Wins Oscar For Documentary Film on Global Empowerment Mission

Arcade Belts Partners with the Organization to Continue Goals and Grow Outreach


OLYMPIC VALLEY, Calif. (February 14, 2020) – Skateistan – a non-profit, non-governmental organization with a mission to empower children through skateboarding and education – won the 2020 Oscar for Documentary (Short Subject) for Learning To Skate In A War Zone (If You’re A Girl), the documentary depicting the organization’s efforts to empower children and create world leaders. Skateistan teamed up with Arcade Belts – the functional, lightweight and durable belt brand – to create a limited edition collaborative belt to fund its work and continue spreading awareness of its mission.

“Learning To Skate In A War Zone brings Skateistan’s story to life and the Oscar is truly deserved,” said Arcade Belts Co-Founder and CEO, Tristan Queen. “Skateistan continues to make a tangible difference in many childrens’ lives, and we are humbled to partner with an organization that is giving back to kids and challenged communities across the globe.”

Learning To Skateboard In A Warzone (If You're A Girl) follows a class of girls at Skateistan during one school year, depicting how the joy of skateboarding can empower underprivileged kids and create a new generation of children who believe they can do anything. Skateistan started in Afghanistan and they now provide safe, indoor skateparks and classrooms in Cambodia and South Africa, reaching thousands of children and youth. Through a curriculum teaching life skills and creativity with the intent to create future leaders, Skateistan encourages kids to develop aspirations, relationships and skills that overcome deep social barriers to feed positive growth.

“It feels surreal to have won an Oscar for a film on our story and the work we do,” said James Green, Development Officer with Skateistan. “We are excited to see the awareness surrounding Skateistan take off as a result, and are eager to partner with Arcade Belts during this time.”

Arcade’s customers and retailers have embraced these projects and are helping spread the message to ensure that they are able to successfully contribute to these causes. Together, Arcade Belts and Skateistan have created the limited edition collaborative belt featuring Arcade’s signature lightweight, low-profile, travel friendly, washer/dryer safe design with Skateistan’s logo. Ten percent of sales from the collaboration will be donated directly to Skateistan. The belt can be purchased online at

About Arcade Belts
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About Skateistan
Skateistan is an award-winning non-profit organization that uses skateboarding and education to empower children in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. Focusing on girls, children living with disabilities and those from low-income backgrounds, Skateistan provides those who are often excluded from sports and educational opportunities with spaces to have fun, build skills and confidence, and break down social barriers. To learn more, visit


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