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ACQ Formulas Launches Luxury Skincare Line to Combat Emerging Aggressors

skincare formulas that reduce damage, and repair skin from digital device light, environmental pollution and aging


NEWPORT BEACH, CA February 20, 2020

Prestige beauty brand ACQ Formulas made its national debut on February 20 with a collection of luxury skincare products that address modern and long-standing skin aggressors. These include the damage done from infrared, blue and HEV light emitted from digital devices, as well as pollution and aging.

“People spend about 8-12 hours in front of computers and digital devices every day and significant time in polluted areas, with no sense of the damaging effects that they have on their skin,” says ACQ Formulas co-founder Karen Weinberg. “We created this line because we couldn’t find what we needed and wanted from products already on the market.”

ACQ Formulas uses cutting-edge, highest-quality ingredients at dose-dependent levels. This means each ingredient is used at the clinically proven amount to ensure optimal results. The ACQ Formulas team spent over a year perfecting their products before bringing them to market.

“We conducted extensive research with renowned chemists, multinational ingredient manufacturers, doctors, laboratories and skincare users to develop a luxury skincare line that provides the desired benefits,” co-founder Mike Shapiro explains. “And we’re committed to using the ingredient manufacturers’ dose-dependent levels, because otherwise, they’re simply not going to be effective.”

“Our customers are highly educated on skincare ingredients and, like us, they’ve tried a multitude of products, without getting the benefits they wanted,” says Weinberg. “Our research proves that a combination of science-based and plant-based skincare formulations with specific levels of action ingredients works best. We’re thrilled to launch ACQ Formulas and bring these products to market.”

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About ACQ Formulas

ACQ Formulas products combine the wisdom of nature with the innovation of science. Every ingredient is scrutinized for efficacy, stability and safety and to ensure noticeable results. Bio-effective ingredients- including multi-functional antioxidants, phytonutrients, clinically tested peptides and botanicals – are used to create what we believe is the most effective skincare line available today. ACQ Formulas also uses effective levels of high-powered ingredients geared toward newly identified skin aggressors.

ACQ Formulas won’t include MIT, parabens, MEADEA, mineral oil, paraffin, lanolin, beeswax, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl, sodium sulfates, phthalates, toluene, talc, triclosan, benzophenones, progesterone, bovine-sourced ingredients, or formaldehyde-releasing preservatives. ACQ is always clean, vegan and cruelty-free.


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