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Providence Film Group LLC, a Valiant Eagle Inc., Subsidiary, Announces Development of New Show, Ambush Karaoke

Karaoke in the United States needs to rise like a phoenix and Providence Film Group is all set to make that happen.


LOS ANGELES, (February 26, 2020) - Providence Film Group LLC, a Valiant Eagle Inc. (OTC:PSRU) subsidiary, is pleased to announce that it is reintroducing karaoke to the United States in a novel way that has never been seen before. Combining the genres of music, comedy and reality television, Ambush Karaoke is all set to come alive on the television of the audience that will give them the feel-good experience of karaoke in their favorite bar. Every week, Ambush Karaoke will showcase a popular (or not-so-popular) karaoke spot. During a typical episode, we will get to know the owner of the bar, its history, the DJ, and the patrons, all while gathering insight regarding the community as a whole.

Karaoke reached the zenith of popularity with various popular clubs and less-than-gaudy bars coupled with the advent and popularity of world-renowned singing competitions. But it also saw a steady decline in footfalls in bar attendance because of the rise of karaoke video games, which were compatible with both Xbox and PlayStation. Apart from this, consumers were also purchasing or pirating similar items from the internet.

Ambush Karaoke will be hosted by Belle Aire and Cuz’n Eddie (Eddie Stockley). Part of the traditional karaoke experience is being in the often-kooky bar atmosphere itself. Whether it's an audaciously uncomplex rural Midwest town or the extravagantly flaunting gay nightclub in central Las Vegas, karaoke serves its purpose where people displaying, for better or for worse, their vocal abilities. This is where we come in. Karaoke being a subculture that's wildly diverse yet highly specific, we're going to create a new recipe with the ingredients of karaoke, the comedy of Punk’d and the soul of UnderCover Boss. You will laugh, you will dance and you will swell up with warmth with the passionate people who are just bringing musical joy to the tender soul of humanity.

“With technology advancing, we'll find even more entertaining ways of serving our audience with feel-good ways of a karaoke bar", states Providence Film Group President, Xavier Mitchell.

About Belle Aire
Belle Aire is an infinitely creative writer and Music Artist who currently dwells in Los Angeles. Hailing from San Diego, she was immersed in the artistic realm early on and the universal love of music has been her driving force ever since.

With her loving, free-spirit, and outgoing personality combined, it certainly feels like love is in the “Aire” when she’s performing on stage for all of her wonderful “Aires” (heirs or fans). Belle Aire’s songs are windows into her soul, life journey, and dreams.

When it comes to Belle Aire’s musical influences, they’re countless and include original movie musical Annie, Whitney Houston, Tina Tuner, Michael Jackson, and Toni Braxton. Additionally, Keith Washington, Dark Child, Ike Turner and Joe Ryan all of which she has collaborated with in the past inspire her immensely. Out of everyone, though, the little girl inside her heart still loves the character Annie Because she was always seen as the girl with the least potential but she dreamed big and saw the greater good in everyone and came out on top! As much as the Soul and R&B genres awakened her to her unwavering melodic devotion, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is her home sweet home, which matches her vibrant personality and bold energy to a T.

About Cuz’n Eddie (Eddie Stockley)
Singer and songwriter, Eddie Stockley, grew up in a musical family with his mother, Sharon Stockley a member of the Shockley Singers, and cousin Tisha Campbell-Martin in Newark, New Jersey, where he began singing in church at eight years old. He has an amazing register and a unique soulful voice.

He sang in Quietstorm, a duo group, with Queen Latifah, before releasing his debut single "I will Always Love You" on Island 4th and Broadway Records. He sang background vocals worldwide with Kenny Bobien and Earl Robinson.

Eddie has also performed and/or recorded with: Milira, Ten City, Ce Ce Rogers, Adeva, Sybil, Queen Latifah, Tisha Campbell Martin, Inaya Day, Kenny Bobien, Su Su Bobien, Teddy Pendegrass, El Debarge, Stephanie Cook, Taylor Dane, Celine Dion, Lauryn Hill, Jennifer Holiday, Kisha Hall, Full Force, Jon Secada, Barbara Tucker, Clive Griffith, Sabrina Johnston, Terry Taylor, Billy Porter, Sharlotte Gibson, Michelle Weeks, Lisa Fisher, Cyndi Myzelle, and Kurtis King. His latest singles include: "Tell me Sumethin," Jesus is Love," and "Fly Away.”

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