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Basebone announces their very own Hyper-casual game

Proud to announce our own Hyper-casual game. Shirk Ball has a fresh and uncluttered look. This game can challenge you anywhere at any level for any length of time.


Basebone is delighted to announce the release of its great new game for all age groups, Shirk Ball, available free, worldwide, on both iOS and Android platforms. The aim of the game is for players to dodge incoming objects to earn points.

The levels of difficulty increase throughout each of the 100 levels, with the incoming helix shaped object transforming into different objects at higher levels, ranging from balls and boxes to a combination of circles and boxes. And to make things more exciting and challenging, in some levels the player can break the helix through a ‘Shirk-Ball’ shout! The speed of play increases with each level and a leaderboard shows the player’s ranking by points gained.

The great thing about the game is that it challenges the player’s speed, reflexes and concentration without requiring any special skills and can be played anywhere at any level for any length of time.

Shirk Ball, has a fresh, un-cluttered look and feel to it, with changing colours and shapes keeping it visually interesting as well as mentally challenging. It can be used as a quick refreshing break from work with awards issued instantly at game end, as an entertainment ‘snack’ or as a personal challenge to ‘reach for the stars’ and get to that level100! The game challenges without being stressful or frustrating so the player feels like playing it again and again!

Shirk Ball is a ‘hyper-casual’ game, meaning that it is lightweight and instantly playable. It is this short, easy to play, anywhere, anytime aspect of the game that makes it such a perfect Basebone game. Basebone is all about delivering entertainment, learning and fun in super practical short snack-sized bites for people on the move.

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