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ClouDhiti Launches AI Apps to Empower SMBs with AI

The AI Apps are available on ClouDhiti’s marketplace for SMBs to know and grow their businesses using AI


ClouDhiti today announces the launch of its AI Apps with the aim to empower online retailers, especially small and medium businesses (SMBs), with AI capabilities. With these five new apps, all available on the ClouDhiti Marketplace, SMBs don’t have to hire expensive technical developers or buy software that they don’t understand nor know how to operate.

Included in the five new AI Apps are two variations of AI Chatbots, one catered to general online stores and another to stores on the Shopify platform. The AI Chatbots are ready-embedded with cognitive and natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities to create a seamless and personal customer experience.

Customers are also able to get their hands on the Shopify Store AI Analytics App. This app analyzes product purchases, inventory data and customer transactions to provide AI-based actionable insights and recommendations to boost sales and craft marketing strategies.

In addition, two versions of the AI Anomaly Detection App are available for online and Shopify stores. By using anomaly detection in web server logs and Shopify store logs, these apps can identify potential threats and fraudulent activities and operational issues and alert the store owner accordingly with recommendations for possible next steps.

In order to deploy any of the apps, customers only need to browse through ClouDhiti’s AI Apps Marketplace, select whichever apps meet their business needs, connect them to their datasets, and try them out, free of charge. Deployment is a simple matter of clicking one button, rather than the usual involvement of coding and/or IT teams.

With these AI apps, businesses can use AI technologies to serve their specific business needs by improved customer service, targeted marketing campaigns, or threat detection. AI Apps can scale according to customers’ exact requirements, and ClouDhiti’s seasoned team of data scientists and data engineers are there around the clock to support app deployment and usage.

“I decided to employ the Syra AI Chatbot on our website to enhance the customer experience in a variety of ways, including answering questions about the menu, helping site visitors place orders, and to participate in our promotions,” said Rick Richman Founder of Firepie, a high-speed pizza delivery food-tech concept in San Francisco. “This allows us not only to keep our customers engaged on our site but also to build meaningful relationships with them and keep them coming back.”

ClouDhiti’s AI Apps are the ideal solution for SMBs that do not have the resources to invest in AI development, with their own efforts to create AI solutions often unable to guarantee a fast and direct ROI. However, that’s not to say that SMBs should hold off from introducing AI, especially as it’s now available in an off-the-shelf package form. In fact, according to research done by Salesforce, only 8% of SMBs are using AI today, but almost half of SMB leaders say they are ready to adopt the technology.

Mike Habib, an IRS-licensed enrolled agent providing nationwide tax representation services, based in Los Angeles, is one of those leaders: “I decided to deploy the Syra AI Chatbot on my website to engage site visitors and generate leads,” he said. “I’m very excited to see the additional sales activity and improvement to customer relationships it brings.”

“We are extremely excited to be able to offer SMBs the opportunity to leverage AI and its capabilities in ways that would be otherwise either be extremely costly or simply impossible for many of them,” said Aparajeeta Das, Founder and CEO at ClouDhiti. “With our five AI Apps, small businesses can have access to valuable insights and build customer relationships as if they are a large enterprise.”

ClouDhiti plans to add new apps every quarter. The apps are available in the ClouDhiti Marketplace today and other marketplaces like Shopify (for online retailers), Zendesk (for IT Support), and as a Plugin for WordPress based Stores.

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ClouDhiti is the world’s first marketplace for AI Apps. The AI Apps bring the powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the hands of Small & Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). ClouDhiti’s AI Apps Platform takes care of all back-end technical details to enable AI Apps to run seamlessly. The platform provides easy data ingestion, transformation, cleaning, and correlation capabilities to prepare data for all kinds of analytics, as needed by the hosted AI Apps. AI algorithms identification, selection, and execution are automatic. Data privacy and security functionality are inbuilt.

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