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Zpryme Announces Partnership with NREL as American-Made Challenges Power Connector

Zpryme, an Austin-based energy and technology research company, today announced a partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL’s) American-Made Solar Prize program.


Austin, TX -- Zpryme joins other American-Made Challenges Power Connectors throughout the country that support NREL in the implementation of the Solar Prize program.

“The industry needs creative and innovative ideas if we are going to reduce the impacts of fossil fuels by 2030,” states Jason S. Rodriguez, Zpryme Co-Founder and CEO. “Zpryme is proud to partner with NREL to invite the bold, curious, and creative to join the path to reenergize American energy innovation.”

Joining NREL as a Power Connector, Zpryme provides services that help NREL administer the American-Made Solar Prize program. Zpryme will recruit solar industry innovators and experts in the process of developing advanced solar technology concepts and prototypes. Power Connectors also grow private funding instruments and develop long-term plans for the program, bringing together competitors and panels of judges with potential customers and investors, key stakeholders, and other industry leaders that help Solar Prize program competitors advance their solutions.

“We’re so excited to welcome Zpryme as an official Solar Prize Power Connector,” states Emily Evans, Prize Administrator for American-Made Challenges Program.

Power Connectors are selected for the scope of their vision, strength of their networks, and demonstrated commitment to advancing clean solutions to real-world energy problems. They each bring unique capabilities that have the potential to grow and improve the program.

Zpryme joins these organizations that have been selected as Power Connectors. Learn more about the American-Made Solar Prize and apply to join the American-Made Network.

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