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Dog Trainer Launches Live/Virtual Training Program to Support Puppies and Pet Parents During the Pandemic

Professional Hunterdon County canine behavior consultant and trainer offers range of services for puppies, as well as adult dogs and newly adopted dogs


Pittstown, NJ – April 22, 2020 - The DogSmith of Hunterdon has launched a Live/Virtual Training program to ensure puppy guardians have continued access to crucial training during the current pandemic. The service provides many benefits, including the convenience of training in your own home, expert advice, flexible scheduling, and is just as successful – and fun – as in-person training sessions. With Live/Virtual Training, puppy guardians can benefit no matter where they are located and be sure they are still providing their puppy with a variety of important learning experiences at what is an essential stage of their early development.

“Proper socialization plays a key role in creating happy, confident, adult dogs and our mission is to make sure puppies don’t miss out on essential early learning experiences because of the pandemic,” said trainer Kelly Fahey, owner of The DogSmith of Hunterdon. “Puppies are our specialty and I worry about all the puppies at this time, given that people are not able to get out and about and expose their new pups to all the life experiences they would normally be able to. However, by being creative and taking advantage of the technology available to us, we can still help puppies get off on the right paw and set them up to be confident, well-mannered, adult dogs. We have created our Pandemic Puppy Pack to help puppy guardians do just that.”

The DogSmith of Hunterdon Pandemic Puppy Pack incorporates detailed information on the importance of socialization as well as how to socialize your puppy during this time. It also covers other challenges that every puppy parent typically experiences, including house training, the dreaded puppy nipping/chewing/mouthing phase, and a number of additional key components and skills.

“We will be with our puppy parents both during the training and afterwards, and the bonus is that everyone will receive a recording of their session so they can refer to it at any time,” said Fahey. “Guardians who are thinking about bringing a puppy home can even set up a session to prepare for the arrival of their puppy, so they are set up for success before their new, four-legged, family member even arrives. In addition to puppy training, our Live/Virtual training also provides assistance to guardians who have older dogs who may need help with basic good manners such as coming when called, polite leash walking, polite greetings and other life skills along with other challenging behaviors such as counter surfing, barking at other dogs/people, and more. If you have adopted a new dog during the pandemic, that’s not a problem either. With Live/Virtual training, we can help dog guardians acclimate their new family member to their new surroundings. We are really looking forward to continuing to serve dogs and their guardians, both in our local community and further afield, during this challenging time.”

About Kelly Fahey and The DogSmith of Hunterdon
Kelly Fahey is a PMCT2, dog*biz University Dog Walking Academy certified dog walker, and Professional Member, steering committee member, and event coordinator for the Pet Professional Guild. She is a respected canine trainer and behavior consultant in Hunterdon County, New Jersey and has been training dogs professionally for over eight years. Her family has also trained 24 puppies for The Seeing Eye. She established The DogSmith of Hunterdon in 2011 and only uses force-free, science-based training with a primary goal of improving the dog-human relationship to help keep pet dogs happy in their forever homes and out of shelters. Her experience, knowledgeable approach and positive philosophy make dog training fun and easy for dog guardians.

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