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Agora Is Showing the World How $5 Can Help Start Building the Future of Africa

Agora, an e-commerce company based out of Africa is conducting a crowdfunding campaign to connect people to products.


April 26, 2020 - Human beings have the power to bring change and make a positive difference to any society. The world is increasingly becoming more and more connected with people coming together to help each other prosper. The true essence of globalization indeed starts from here. The times are such that for humanity to prosper, the world needs to help each other out.

That’s exactly what Agora is doing for the gorgeous continent of Africa. Africa is known for its rich and colorful culture that has been there for centuries. These cultures find their beautiful reflection in various products from Africa made by different cultural groups there. However, in order to make these groups thrive, they need to be looked after and in order to do this in a sustainable manner, Agora is arranging a crowdfunding campaign to connect people to products.

The campaign is called Rethinking Africa – Connecting Africa to the World. The name of the campaign summarizes the entire soul and intent of what it wants to achieve. It wants to bring Africa to the world and let it get its share of prosperity that has been long due. Agora is an e-commerce company that is digitizing offline ecosystems, creators, artisans, artists, carpenters, designers and vendors in Africa to give customers around the world full access to all this.

Their crowdfunding campaign is collecting pre-orders for beautiful and locally made products. They hope that the crowdfund coupled with the strength of the dollar against the current African economies, they will be able to unlock valuable funds that will allow them complete their marketplace. What makes this marketplace unique is that it’s a platform consolidating multiple ecosystems through collaboration and participation of the skilled, talented, and willing, thereby promoting inclusivity for all.

This crowdfunding campaign will run till the 31st of May 2020 and users can donate as little as $5 to get early bird access to the platform. Whatever they donate, they will get gift voucher worth the same amount along with the opportunity to be a part of the movement of reshaping the future of Africa.

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