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Hangarbot 2.0 now available for purchase on

Sporty’s Pilot Shop becomes the newest retailer of HangarBot’s line of smart devices


Los Angeles, - Lynk Remote Technologies, HangarBot announced their launch of products on sporty’s online pilot shop.

HangarBot has quickly gained notoriety across the United States as the only next-generation solution-based smart hangar system. The technology company provides a line of smart products tailored to the real-world needs of pilots. In fact, the company is led by a pilot himself.

HangarBot systems are remotely controlled via a mobile app, downloadable on iOS and Android. HangarBot gives aviators the ability to monitor their hangar as well as utilize a variety of additional devices that will optimize time and efficiency for any pilot.

The systems run on 4G cellular service; provided by HangarBot and accessible on any personal devices as well. When purchased through users receive their first three months of cellular connectivity free. Upgradeable/Downgradable at any time data subscriptions are taken care of on

A must for cold weather climates, HangarBot’s Smart Industrial Grade Outlet allows for remote engine preheating. HangarBot’s remote Engine Preheating Solutions promote engine health by reducing engine wear and saves aviators hours in pre-flight.

Security and Surveillance are provided in every Camera Hub with the ability to add additional cameras as needed. The app stores 24/7 video footage with motion detection notifications sent straight to the user's phone. Pilots can download a snapshot or the check-in on the hangar with live streaming anytime The popular add-on, HangarBot Remote Hangar Door Controller also integrates directly with electric or hydraulic powered doors. Users can use the HangarBot app to open and close their hangar door while simultaneously viewing the end result through live stream video from the comfort of their home, office, or cockpit.

“With the HangarBot Door Controller I can be rest assured that I can access my hangar at any time, even if I forget my keys or the pesky line of sight remote”, said HangarBot customer and Hangar Property Manager Robyn Cole. “I’ve also been able to let my maintenance crew into the hangar while I’m out of town.”

For more information on HangarBot’s collection of smart devices reference and to begin building your smart hangar today, shop HangarBot on For questions on specific products or compatibility
contact HangarBot support at (727) 900-6911.

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