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Psyon Games, the 2020 Health Start-up Champion, also wants to spread awareness about COVID-19 coronavirus

The gamified disease awareness method is more effective than traditional methods. Psyon Games from Finland plans to use its disease and vaccine information themed mobile game Antidote for coronavirus awareness work. In Antidote, the player defends against attacking bacteria and viruses using the cells of the human immune system. Now they want to add a new enemy: the coronavirus.


Finland -- Psyon Games has been named the 2020 Health Start-up Champion by Eyeforpharma, a global hub of pharma professionals. The Finnish company was also the first gaming company to ever win the title. Eyeforpharma is a division of Reuters Events. The challenge took place during one of the world's largest annual event of the pharmaceutical industry, with over 15 000 participants this year.
The more cost-efficient and engaging way to inform

Antidote teaches and informs the player about vaccination and disease awareness. Psyon Games' gamified disease and health awareness method is significantly more effective than traditional information methods in digital channels.

- “We have found this is a much more cost-efficient way of attracting people to health information than traditional information-based campaigns”, says Olli Rundgren, CEO of Psyon Games, on reputable Vaccines Today website.

- “It also engages them for more than an hour in a way that we believe is highly interactive compared to traditional health ads”, Rundgren continues.

The gamified disease and health awareness method used by Psyon Games has been studied and its results speak for themselves. In the Antidote campaign, the gamified information method brought over 3 times more clicks with less than half the price of traditional methods. The gamified information method can be up to 8 times more cost-efficient than traditional campaigns.

The time people tend to spend on the landing pages of health information campaigns varies from some tens of seconds to several minutes. On average the Antidote game engages users for over 40 times as long.


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