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Contemi Announces Client Portal Lite to Resolve Client Communication Challenges

Contemi Solutions, a global FinTech provider, today announced the launch of a lite version of client portal to response to resolve the challenges that wealth managers and financial advisors face whilst trying to effectively communicate with their clients during the COVID-19 lockdown.


In response to the challenges that wealth managers and financial advisors face whilst trying to effectively communicate with their clients during the COVID-19 lockdown, Contemi Solutions announce the launch of a Lite version of their existing Client Portal, a module from the award winning Wealth Intelligence (WIN) platform. The solution provides a light touch, secure communication channel designed to augment the usual methods of phone calls and email with a highly simplified portal, specifically designed with the less technology savvy in mind.
To reflect the unusual nature of the present circumstances, Contemi will offer the solution with preferential commercials allowing even the smallest organisations better communication channels, to the benefit of the industry’s end investors.

We live in unprecedented times. COVID-19 has created extraordinary consequences, not just in its effect on public health, but the restrictions on freedoms and the severe damage it has done to the global economy. The markets have reflected this disruption in levels of volatility not seen since the global financial crisis. Your end investors are understandably nervous and require the constant reassurance that only communication and information can provide. However, restrictions on public gatherings and guidance towards remote working have made this more difficult; access to systems and physical printers might be difficult from your home, and client visits are not permitted. And with many investors being vulnerable or elderly, and subject to an advised lockdown for an indeterminate period, this challenge is likely to be with us for many months, if not until the end of the year.

This is where Contemi’s Client Portal Lite fits in. It is not designed to replace ‘one to one’ contact, but to augment it with automated group communications, such as market commentaries, allowing you to effortlessly speak to and provide reassurance to large numbers of your clients, freeing time to talk to them on an individual basis.
The portal will also provide online account valuations in addition to the secure distribution of periodic reports, contract notes, tax packs and other documents in a highly intuitive, easy to consume format. And by keeping it simple, Contemi has significantly reduced the length of time needed to get you up and running, now less than 10 days.

Kean Williams, CEO of Contemi Europe, said “this initiative was started when an employee commented that his parents had become confused and anxious by the COVID-19 market behaviour, and with little communication and support from their financial advisor had liquidated all of their investments. Knowing that there would be many other investors with similar worries and concerns, we started wondering how we could use our existing technology to their benefit. The challenge has been to simplify our existing Client Portal to allow even the small financial advisors to be able to offer it to their clients, in addition to making it useable by people who might not be comfortable with digital technologies.”

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