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Christian Coaching, CBT, REBT, NLP to help all people.

Change your life for the price of a cup of coffee! Start today!

For Immediate Release

Encompassed Purpose was started to help people and it has evolved into what it is today. Bradley Berg is Christian Coach, Author, videos, television, and a successful entrepreneur. Berg said his transition began toward the end of 2018 and has evolved into a life changing adventure. Berg said, “I try to be the example for others to follow by enthusiastically pursuing my potential and that is what I teach my clients, how to enthusiastically pursue their highest potential, biggest dreams and finding there purpose

“I know first hand how hard it is to change.” We also know in the past, coaching and these kind of programs were expensive. We set out to change that, Christian Coaching, CBT, REBT, DBT, NLP don't have to cost you tens of thousand or even hundreds. We are a nonprofit and for about a cup coffee a day or less we now provide these programs. We are also taking a donations were 100% go toward developing people. Now everyone has the access, the only person that is stopping you is you. Christian based is much more effective then secular based as you can imagine. You can have excuses or excel and you can start today.

The Covid 19 virus has changed a lot of people and organizations. They are finally developing with God and moving forward instead of spinning in circles or plain stalled out. They realize there not a victim but a victor.We recognize that this program isn’t for everyone. But for organizations and individuals who want to improve this program makes a difference. It has a lot of interest because programs like these have previously been for the wealthy we now offer to churches, individuals, businesses and now we are begining to work probation, parole, DOC with restorative programs. You have the choice today to be a victim or be the victor, It does not matter where you came from just were you want to go.

For more information about the new course and books, and to connect with Encompassed Purpose and Bradley Berg, visit:
email: Or, call (573) 286-5625.

About Bradley Berg Encompassed Purpose

Christian Coach, Author of Encompassed Purpose book, Encompassed Purpose study guide, developing a christian coaching course, developed church bible studies, video and television show. Strong discipleship and encouraging people to develop there relationship with the Trinity. Restorative justice programs, Cognitive brain therapy (CBT) Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Substantial business experience including growing companies from concept to international. If needed that info can be provided.

Commissioned Minister Ordination: for ordination as Senior Pastor, Missionary, Assistant Pastor, Associate Pastor, and Church Planter.

Christian Basics, Deacon, Deacon Ministry Ordination, Bible Study Leader award, Connections Ministry, Old Testament, Church History, New Testament, Sermon Construction and Presentation, Life Coaching Ministry, Theology I, Theology II, Pastoral Care and Marriage, Peace Fire Ministry's, Developing House Churches, Church and Ministry, People smart for Ministry, Commissioned Ministry.
Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders College
Marketing Normandale College
Executive Coaching Certification Udemy
Life Coaching Certifications, New Skills Academy, Udemy three additional separate certifications
Entrepreneur Coaching Certification, Transformation Academy and Udemy
Business Coach Certification, Udemy and The Academy of Applied Psychology
Master Coaching Certification Udemy
Psychology Certification, New Skills Academy
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Practitioner Virtued Academy-Dr.krisharma, Psychotherapy Academy,
Dr Marsha Linehan DBT programs
Nero-linguistic programming (NLP) Practitioner (ABNLP Accredited) American Union of NLP and Udemy
Masters Practitioner NLP Achology Certified, The Academy of Applied Psychology and Udemy
Hypnotherapist Practitioner (Achology Certified), The Academy of Applied Psychology and Udemy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner (CBT) Diploma The Academy of Applied Psychology and Udemy
Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy Certification (REBT) Virtued Academy International and Udemy
NLP Practitioner, Life Coach Certifications Auspicium Limited Instructor David Keys
Counseling Practitioner Certification Udemy and The Academy of Applied Psychology
Understanding God's Covenants, book of Acts, Book of Daniel, Book of Hebrew Dallas Theological Seminary
Completing Master Degree in Divinity & Doctor of Ministry. North Central Theological Seminary,
Southern National Theological Seminary (15 months remaining.)

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Company Name: Encompassed Purpose
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Phone: 573-286-5625
Country: Iberia, Mo United States 65486

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Phone: 573-286-5625