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Sustainable Water Treatment Technologies for the Beverage Industry

Aqua-Chem, Inc. Announces Creation of Carbon Tower Product Line


Knoxville, TN: Aqua-Chem, Inc. today announced the launch of their Carbon Tower product line targeted at meeting the needs of the growing beverage industry and engineered to deliver a lower total cost of ownership than many other technologies on the market. Aqua-Chem’s carbon towers are suitable for any application requiring steam or hot water sanitization and are constructed out of NSF 61 approved materials. The Aqua-Chem Carbon Tower utilizes bituminous coal to provide clean water for use in bottled water, juices, teas, carbonated drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, alcoholic beverages and more. Aqua-Chem’s Carbon Tower is energy efficient and offers a new way for beverage manufactures to remove chlorine, Chloramines, and Organics from their supply water.

“The carbon tower line is a highly customizable component that integrates seamlessly into almost any beverage facility,” says Jeffrey Okun, Vice President of Sales at Aqua-Chem “Aqua-Chem is always looking for innovative solutions to provide clean water in the most sustainable manner possible.”

Features and benefits of Aqua-Chem’s Beverage Carbon Tower include.

• Removes Chlorine, Chloramines, Organics (Trihalomethanes, Haloacetic Acids, etc.)
• 100% drainable, which makes clean-out and carbon changeout easier and faster
• Range of models to accommodate featuring design flow rates ranging from 200 gpm to 450 gpm, there’s an Aqua-Chem Beverage Carbon Tower designed for your facility.

Aqua-Chem’s Carbon Towers are available immediately and can be custom engineered to perfectly compliment your existing water purification system. For more information on Beverage Carbon Towers visit

About Aqua-Chem: Aqua-Chem is a manufacturer of engineered products for water purification serving a variety of industries. The Aqua-Chem portfolio includes a full range of thermal and membrane water treatment technologies including vapor compression distillation, pure steam generation, reverse osmosis, Ultraviolet disinfection, membrane filtration, and ion exchange. Aqua-Chem is a preferred supplier of water purification systems to the U.S. Armed Forces as well as being a chief supplier of purification systems for offshore oil and gas and the biopharma and pharmaceutical industries. Aqua-Chem’s manufacturing facility is in Knoxville, TN but provides water solutions all over the world. For more information, visit

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