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Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd can Protect from civil Drones

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd have now moved to a next step to enhance our system also for protection against low-flying civilian drones which also pose a great threat when operating in areas near airport and air bases.


Within recent years drones have entered our daily life and are widely used nowadays for, for commercial and entertainment purposes. And even regular play with the drone by teenagers within the airport area can cause major consequences for the approaching or taking-off flight.

Therefore, the protection of the areas where the drones can cause such disruption and major damage is our priority in Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd. Even mid-size UAV, if collides with the civil aircraft, can cause engine failure and serious damages.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd aims to make it's system flexible, therefore both methods can be combined. The main method is interference into drone's radio- and gps-signals, diverting or blocking further movement of the object.

The drone deterrence system developed by Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd is module based, and can be easily adjusted to any size of the air field, area, shape and location. Main modules of the system include the multifunctional radar unit, which detects, identifies and classifies approaching targets, as well as emits the jamming and interference signals; the control and data processing unit; and operation control center.

At Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd we are constantly working on improvement and perfection of our technologies providing high-tech solutions to make people's lives safer and more comfortable, and saving costs and cutting expenses for our partners.

The mission of "Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd." is to improve people's life globally, making it safer and more comfortable.

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