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FORA Auto Temperature Measurement Station Provides Protection During COVID-19

ForaCare Inc. is announcing the release of its newest device, the Auto Temperature Measurement Station, which helps serve the community during COVID-19.


ForaCare Inc. has recently released the FDA-cleared FORA Auto Temperature Measurement Station (ATMS), a non-contact temperature screening system that serves to prevent cross infection at hospitals and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ATMS takes a measurement anytime a person steps up to it, determines a normal or abnormal temperature within 4 seconds, and emits an alarm when a fever is indicated. With no additional staffing required, the fully automated system saves approximately $35,000 in manpower costs per year.

It can also send an email alert in real time to a supervisor who can quickly implement their COVID-19 action plan. Plus, businesses can receive numerous people at one time by placing multiple stations at each entrance.

Features include:

• It automatically measures the temperature of anyone stepping up to it. Without anyone required to monitor it, the ATMS can save approximately $35,000 in manpower costs per year.
• Varying beeps quickly indicate abnormal temperatures within seconds. It helps differentiate between normal or abnormal temperatures easily.
• All the data including portrait, temperature, and measuring time can be uploaded to the dashboard cloud system for tracing.
• With its advanced alert feature, it’ll send an email alert to the supervisor in real-time when a person with a fever is detected.
• When the system detects a person with a temperature, a message along with a loud noise will appear on the iPad to instruct the person to “See the Security Guard”, or “Do Not Enter”, the message can be customized so that it will fit within your workflow and allow your team to take quick action before visitors enter your manufacturing facilities.
• Audible temperature readings.

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