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Triaj and uReveal announce their strategic partnership to apply advanced AI techniques to the collection, study and analysis of healthcare information.

The dynamic partnership will allow the two companies to research the total collection of evidence based healthcare information to establish “Best Medical Practice'' for use by the Triaj, cloud-based, clinical decision support system.


In this partnership uReveal will provide the AI Big Data capacity to search and analyze the universe of medical data while Triaj will identify the medical data in selected areas and the Subject Matter Expert (SME) knowledge to guide and understand the results.

The initial release will provide and track guidelines for the full continuum of patient care for the most common trauma and medical diagnoses to include head injury, abdominal injury, femur fracture, hypovolemic shock, malignant hyperthermia, fever, asthma, appendicitis, and diabetes. The Triaj SME team will identify the best sources of medical information and concepts in these important areas. The uReveal technical team will apply their platform to data-mine for publicly available “best practice” evidence-based information, in an effort to rapidly scale the content of the Triaj application.

AI in Healthcare employs complex algorithms of machine learning and custom software to analyze medical data. Specifically, the ability of computer algorithms to approximate conclusions without direct human input.

The primary goal of Triaj is to analyze relationships between prevention, treatment techniques and patient outcomes. These include practices such as identification of a diagnosis, treatment protocol development and the sequence of patient care as a checklist.

According to Martin R. Eichelberger, MD, the Founder and CEO of Triaj: “I have been developing Best Medical Practices for decades and I believe that Triaj will provide the information that physicians and nurses need to save lives and improve patient outcomes. As healthcare knowledge continues to evolve at a rapid rate, it has been more difficult to continue to track and share best practices. We believe that by applying uReveal’s advanced, big data focused AI platform, to the Triaj platform we will revolutionize healthcare.”

“One of the most significant applications for AI is to study, analyze and report upon the vast collection of healthcare and medical information.” says Mark O’Hare – CEO of uReveal.

Industry analysts predict that AI will be the most significant technology advance of the next 10+ years. Traditional AI problems include reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, learning, natural language processing, perception and the ability to move and manipulate objects. And many experts believe that the most powerful application of AI will come in healthcare.


About Triaj
The goal of the Triaj System is to significantly reduce medical errors--a crisis of safe patient care that exists as the #3 cause of death in the United States-- to improve the quality of healthcare in a high-risk environment. The Triaj platform provides a cloud-based, Artificial Intelligence driven, mobile platform to instantly deliver “just-in-time,” medical knowledge and education to 45 million doctors and nurses anywhere in the world.

Triaj is a new Digital Healthcare and MedTech cloud-based app that will save lives and improve the care patients receive through application of a clinical decision support system for doctors, nurses and hospitals.

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About uReveal
uReveal is a new Enterprise AI company with solutions that help obtain business results faster, more accurately and at less cost. The company was founded by world renowned AI technology experts.

The company is at the leading edge of transformative analytics to help organizations harness the full power of Big Data. The user is empowered to work directly with data in it’s natural format – not only structured data but also unstructured “textual” information from sources such as documents, reports, emails and web postings.

uReveal has created a powerful AI platform that can unify and organize all “Big Data” for easy analysis. This enables business and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)… real-time access to the data in a structured and concept organized way. This results in the ability to deliver actionable insights in minutes not months.

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