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PrivacyRules live webinar on Returning to the office in the Covid-19 era: Privacy considerations 2 June at 2.00pm GMT

PrivacyRules members from North America, Europe and Asia will debate one of the main HR questions as people are returning to work after the Covid-19 lockdown: what employers can and should do to protect safety in the workplace while respecting employee privacy.


The seminar will be moderated by PrivacyRules member Mike Nitardy, Frost Brown Todd (US) with a panel consisting of PrivacyRules members Ruth NG, Taylor Vinters Via (Singapore), Victoria Beckman, Frost Brown Todd (US), Jean-Christophe Chevallier, Ydès Avocats (France), and the chair of PrivacyRules Know-How and Training Committee Pádraig Walsh, Tanner De Witt (Hong Kong).

Through this webinar PrivacyRules wants to provide guidance to companies that are facing the dilemma of how to resume in-office work while preserving the health and safety of their workforce. Many companies face an additionally complex situation with headquarters and offices in multiple jurisdictions that fall under different frameworks.

Our panellists will address fundamental questions such as: to allow a return to the workplace, what information can an employer ask the employee about her/his health status and her/his family or social contacts? What are the restrictions placed on employers that want to use contact tracing for their employees? What limitations are there on how this data can be processed? How can/should an employer respond if a public health authority seeks to obtain copies of the information that the employers are collecting about the employees? For those that will continue to work remotely, what are the implications of monitoring employees while they are working from home?

“We at PrivacyRules pursue a policy of InfoaaS. By disseminating first class information from our top global privacy experts, we help companies and institutions reflect on and realise which are the privacy concerns that they need to consider in order to protect their business and collaborators. We share this information not only to promote the services of our members worldwide, but also to increase data protection awareness, which per se enhances the pursuance of privacy rights” says Andrea Chmieli?ski Bigazzi, PrivacyRules CEO.

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PrivacyRules is the largest global alliance of legal and tech experts in the field of data privacy ( PrivacyRules was formed in 2017 to meet the growing demand of businesses and associations for legal advice and tech solutions for data protection and cybersecurity. The alliance has grown dramatically in the past three years and now has members in almost 50 jurisdictions.

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