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New Book Aims to End Unforgiveness

We are all capable of forgiving. Learn how not only to forgive but reconcile. This self-help workbook is for people who want to forgive so they can live. Practical step by step instructions are given that will enable anyone to forgive regardless of the type of offense.


New Book Aims to End Unforgiveness

Author Aleechea Pitts just released her new book, “Let It Go for Your Sake! Forgive!” Pitts aims to impact the lives of others through her book.

Vineland, NJ 18 May, 2018

- My work has impacted hundreds of people directly. I can't wait to see how the book can spur world change, Pitts says.

- The best part is that these are real life stories with real life methods - and anyone will be able to relate in spite of the offense, Pitts concludes.

"Let It Go for Your Sake! Forgive!" is available on Amazon which includes Pitts's own reflection and critical thinking exercises, as she has applied them in her own life with God.

- The best part is that these methods are proven and are easy to read while touching the heart, Pitts concludes.

For more info, contact:, +1-609-334-3942.

About the author

Aleechea Pitts is a licensed pastor and founder of Paulean Ministries. Pitts is the author of three books. After much reflection in her own life, her insight, education and experience on forgiveness gives "Let It Go for Your Sake! Forgive!" its credibility.

About the book

Let It Go for Your Sake! Forgive! is a workbook and self-help for anyone looking to forgive. Available on Amazon…

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Aleechea Pitts
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Phone: (856) 238-1236