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Young Entrepreneurs Club Expands "Project Impact"; Is There Hope to Stop Child Labour?

New studies show 152 million children globally involved in child labour, but only few admit to knowing how to stop this social problem.


As her Young Entrepreneurs Club recruits more partners across Africa and Asia, has released the findings of recent studies showing the shocking ways in which child labour is becoming a part of our society today - a point illustrated by the recent estimate from the International Labour Organization that 152 million children are undergoing various forms of child labour. To commemorate this year's World Day Against Child Labour, is challenging small business owners to embrace socio-economic habits that would help save our children.

"Child labour doesn't belong in the 21st century," said Engr Winston C Ikekeonwu, director of AlignAcademy's Young Entrepreneurs Club. "But it's not enough to just complain about the millions of kids in slavery; the real question is: are we doing enough to stop the root causes of these abuses?"

"According to the UNICEF, 1 in 4 children in the poorest countries are victims of child labour," Ikekeonwu continued. "More statistics reveal that, along with other variables, poverty is a common factor that encourages child labour."

Engr. Ikekeonwu also noted: "Across the world, small businesses are the greatest creators of wealth and jobs in society, contributing up to 70% of the GDP of some countries. More small business owners need to see the big picture of their impact on society, but they can only do that when their focus is on growing, not just struggling to pay their bills. We need more healthier businesses so we can create an economy where there will be absolutely no need to engage children in labour."

Just in time for the World Day Against Child Labour, the Young Entrepreneurs Club's "Project Impact" is making available free help for small business owners looking to grow their businesses. The recently launched project also lets eligible small business owners and their family members take advantage of special pricing on AlignAcademy's business development programs.

Business owners who are interested in finding out the socio-economic help they are eligible for in Project Impact should contact Engr Winston C Ikekeonwu at

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The Young Entrepreneurs Club of AlignAcademy helps organizations grow by connecting them with the resources they need to fulfill their true mission.

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