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Award winning investment firm Eliseo Partners (Asia) Limited acquired by Hong Kong financial Group

Award winning investment firm Eliseo Partners (Asia) Limited acquired by QMIS Financial Group for private equity fund


Award winning investment firm Eliseo Partners (Asia) Limited named best institutional debt trading firm in Australia & New Zealand at the Global Banking and Finance Awards in 2017 is acquired by QMIS Financial Group.

Eliseo Partners managed over $1.7 billion of transactions from 2016 to 2020 and some of its landmark transactions included the advisory for a Formula 1 motorsport team, warrant linked financing of a US publicly traded Californian medical software company, an equity agreement with a Canadian publicly traded disruptive high profile sports apparel brand and was instrumental in the largest IPO on the National stock exchange of Australia.

Larry Woghiren, co-founder of the Eliseo Partners Group, said, “we aim to allow real estate owners to securitize institutional grade real estate portfolios to raise project finance whilst minimising debt levels and retain effective control.”

In September 2018, Eliseo Partners launched an ambitious strategy to grow its fixed income and credit portfolio value to $100 Million USD.

QMIS Financial Group has valued Eliseo’s convertible bond portfolio at $150 Million.

As part of the agreement Eliseo Partners will consolidate and wind up its businesses into a QMIS sponsored private equity fund and expand as one of Hong Kong’s leading and most progressive private equity platforms.

About QMIS Financial Group
QMIS Financial Group is a global financial services conglomerate headquartered in Hong Kong with a strong presence in Asia and key regional centers in New York, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen & Dalian.

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