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Capitol Food Company Attains Compliance Goals with OurRecords

OurRecords compliance automation software saves time and money for Food Manufacturer to comply with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards.


OurRecords, Inc., the industry leader in solutions for vendor compliance, food safety and risk management for food manufacturers, processors, and distributors reveals the on-going success of Capitol Food Company’s adoption of the Compliance & Risk Management Platform to automate collection of compliance, regulatory and audit documents.

Capitol Food Company (CFC) sources hundreds of ingredients painstakingly selected from all over the world, from manufacturers committed to uncommon quality and sustainability. With over 125 years in business, CFC was built on a culture of openness, communication and accountability—among their team and with their customers and committed to doing whatever to ensure that the ingredients customers receive are above and beyond the standards for quality and safety.

“We chose OurRecords after experiencing the ease of use as a vendor to one of our clients. We were very pleased with the rapid implementation process. The automated compliance management has helped us maintain compliance for all our vendors and products with reduced time and effort from our team,” said John Levi, Vice President of Operations at CFC. “The OurRecords team is great to work with and continues to deliver enhanced compliance and risk management solutions for the food industry.”

Capitol Food Company utilizes the Vendor Compliance & Risk Management program for vendor and item compliance management. OurRecords is the industry standard for secure, easy to use platforms for compliance and risk management programs.

“OurRecords has helped Capitol Food Company efficiently collect documents, audit and key data elements to maintains its SQF certification with reduced overhead time and cost,” said Mark Van De Casteele, CFO of OurRecords. “OurRecords Automation keeps Capitol Food Company compliant and allows their team to focus on quality and services for their customers.”

The OurRecords solution drives growth through increased speed to market to get your products compliant with less overhead costs. OurRecords professional ‘keepers’ coupled with the secure platform safeguards private company self-compliance data while enabling supply chain visibility of product and organizational documents to meet the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), all Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certifications, and customer audit programs.

About OurRecords®
OurRecords provides a centralized platform to securely store, manage and enable controlled access to credentials and records so Food Processors can focus on providing quality goods and services while saving time and money on quality and compliance management. OurRecords provides comprehensive programs to (1) maintain Internal Compliance documents for quality programs and staff compliance management, (2) Vendor Approval Programs for vendors and items, and (3) Market Compliance for distribution of compliance documents for marketed products. More information is available at

About Capitol Food Company
Capitol Food Company, Headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, CA, provides distribution and mixing services of the highest quality ingredients for thousands of products. From the simplest wheat flours to the most complex custom blends and mixes, all Capitol Food Company ingredients have two things in common – superior quality and exceptional value. More information is available at

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