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PrivacyRules live webinar on “Cyber-criminality and the exploitation of the Covid-19 crisis: the EUROPOL report and international perspectives”, 23 June at 4.30 - 5.30pm CET (GMT +2)

PrivacyRules is hosting a webinar to address one of the major concerns at the moment: how cyber-criminals are exploiting the covid-19 crisis to hack industries and harm people all over the world. A prestigious panel of guest speakers from EUROPOL, the Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights and the Leiden University will shed light on the way cyber-criminals are operating in the pandemic era.


The seminar will be moderated by PrivacyRules member Ludovic Tirelli, penalex (Switzerland), with PrivacyRules members Ruben Roex, Timelex (Belgium) and Juan Carlos Manríquez Rosales, Manríquez Bonavides & Cía (Chile) as panellists.

A key topic will be the recent EUROPOL report on the Pandemic profiteering: how criminals exploit the COVID-19 crisis, which indicates that the number of cyberattacks against organisations and individuals is significant and is expected to increase in these difficult times. “PrivacyRules is delighted to offer independent information and expert insight into this issue of global concern. We will do so by debating it with EUROPOL Senior Specialist Ben Waites who is at the core of institutional information gathering and analysis on this matter; with Prof. Els De Busser who is a Europe-wide renown expert on data protection and the educational director of the Master on cyber security of the University of Leiden; and, with Filippo Michael Musca who is the Acting General Director of the Siracusa International Institute - one of the world centres of gravity for international criminal law expertise” says Andrea Chmieli?ski Bigazzi, PrivacyRules CEO.

Our panellists will reflect on complex questions such as: given the crime trends that EUROPOL has observed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, what are the next developments in cyber-criminality ? Have Data Protection Authorities been able to successfully exercise their supervisory competences on new legislation pertaining to COVID-19 monitoring measures? How do cyber-criminals exploit various vulnerabilities, and how are states and other actors (in Europe and globally) reacting to that?

“The Siracusa International Institute has been cooperating with EUROPOL, the Council of Europe, the UNODC and distinguished academic and research institutions worldwide on a plethora of criminal law sensitive dossiers. It is important to debate current themes also with private professionals as they are a fundamental ring of the international justice chain” says Filippo Musca.

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