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Wake Up! Music Announces AFTR Record Release

The Wake Up! Music label announced this week the release of Chicago Techno Artist AFTR's debut single "Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down)".


Chicago Nuhouse music techno artist AFTR's record company, Wake Up! Music, announced this week the release of his debut single on their label. Preceding the retail drop on June 29, 2020, of "Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down)", a music video for the single appeared on the Wake Up Music's YouTube channel on June 19. This is all being done in preparation for his multi-track compilation titled "May" that is slated for a street date on July 15.

Humboldt Park, a neighborhood known for its dynamic ethnic and social demographic change over the years on the West Side of, Chicago, Illinois, is the inspiration for AFTR's "Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down)". His goal was to musically depict the various sights and sounds coming out of this great community, and to achieve this he enlisted Pepper Gomez, the Chicago house music artist as the featured vocalist on the cut. Pepper also provided the song's lyrics, which were derived from one of her self-penned poems and is intended to function as a double entendre that urges people to take a deeper look into themselves and others.

AFTR and Gomez's concept with the YouTube music video for "Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down)", created by the visual artist, director, dancer and model who calls herself ACRONYM, is an in your face creation of beauty that zooms in on the newest additions to the groundbreaking Wake Up! Music Models aptly named The Voluptuous Vixens. Dancing to the sounds of the techno-house track they demonstrate that all sizes are beautiful and move us through the lyrics to remind us that we all must take a deeper look of that which is within. Something that is so needed in this world where the lines between real and illusion often blur. Pepper Gomez explained, "Don't wait even one more day to love every bit of you. When you love yourself, it is easy to love others!"

"Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down)" is currently being serviced to Rhythmic & Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop radio stations around the world. A full-scale press campaign has also been launched for this new Wake Up! Music record release. News and other updates about the artist may be found at You may view the aforementioned video for "Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down)" at AFTR's press kit will be provided upon request to any and all members of the media by contacting the representative listed below. He is also available for appearances and interview.

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