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Veyo Extends Compliance Management Program with OurRecords

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Broker Extends Compliance Management Program During COVID-19 Pandemic


Veyo, an NEMT broker operating in six states, continues to extend their compliance management program through OurRecords Compliance Management Platform. “We are fully automating our integration with OurRecords to create even better solutions for our providers while creating a more robust, real-time tracked system," said Veyo President, Josh Komenda.

The OurRecords solution provides a secure platform that enables automation of both internal compliance and full supply chain compliance management. The system enables on-going automated collection of compliance management documentation for third-party Transportation Providers and their vehicles/drivers.

OurRecords is the industry standard for secure, easy to use platforms for compliance and risk management programs. Veyo utilizes the Vendor Compliance & Risk Management program to ensure that all third-party drivers and vehicles are up to date on all requirements and can quickly comply with new requirements.

OurRecords allows agility to move quickly and communicate new policies and procedures and compliance requirements to all team members instantly. During the global pandemic, OurRecords platform has been utilized to communicate and receive acknowledgement of critical new policies regarding social distancing and other precautionary tactics to protect clients and team members.

“Compliance management has been highlighted as a critical infrastructure component for safe operations,” said Bill Hall, CEO of OurRecords. “OurRecords Automation allows our clients to get their compliance under control and keep it under control.”

About OurRecords®

OurRecords provides a centralized platform to securely store, manage and enable controlled access to credentials and records, saving time and money on quality and compliance management. OurRecords provides comprehensive programs to ensure compliance for organization, employee and contractors, and vehicle assets. More information is available at

About Veyo

Veyo, headquartered in San Diego, CA, is a full-service transportation brokerage designed specifically for healthcare. Veyo has reinvented the patient transportation model by integrating consumer technology with rideshare fleets to decrease costs and increase efficiency. Veyo is delivering dramatically higher levels of reliability, quality, and transparency to customers, partners, and members. Operating in six states with over 28 million completed trips and a 97.1% on-time rate, we’re changing NEMT – one trip at a time. For more information about Veyo, please visit

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