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New Shopping Platform Where for the First Time the Buyer Rules

One of the most exciting shopping platforms of 2020 has been launched. which puts the buyer in full control has been described as a real alternative to eBay and Amazon. Since being launched it has gained huge exposure around the world.


More than 2.14 billion people buy goods online. According to a recent study more than 60 percent of those people overpay for their products which includes electronic products and fashion items, and more than 75% pay more than they wanted to. Now, thanks to Uuanted, those shopping online only pay what they want to pay.

Uuanted has changed the way people shop online. Instead of spending up to two hours at a time searching for the best deals, now, thanks to the new platform they now have the sellers coming to them to offer their best deals.

So, how does it work and why has it gained so much excitement. First of all lets look at how it works. The customer puts an advertisement on the Uuanted platform of the product they want to buy or service to hire. They then put down the maximum price they want to pay. This then results in all the sellers of that product or service sending their best offers. This exciting new way of shopping is already helping people to save money on products/services they want to pay. In some cases, those looking for products could save as much as 50%. The media are calling Uuanted the best way to make deals online.

“For too long now those selling products and providers services online have decided how much profit they want to make. They set their price, forcing those who want to buy their products or hire their services to pay prices that could be overinflated.

Now, with our platform, the customer is in full control. They pay what they want to pay and watch as sellers come to them offering products/services at the best deals possible,” exampled a spokesman for Uuanted.

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