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The UK’s First Private Space Programme

UKCOA launches the UK’s first private and the first ever carbon-neutral space programme


London, UK – UKCOA (UK Communications & Aerospace) have launched what is the first private space programme in the UK. They are focused on deep space exploration and already have a rocket under development, with hopes to be the first to perform a launch into space from the UK.

They are also the first carbon-neutral space programme, the majority of the reduction of carbon emissions is achieved by innovative launch system designs and research into efficient technology, and the very small amount of remaining carbon emissions are offset by the company.
The space programme covers all aspects of spaceflight and space operations from the UK, including but not limited to research, manufacturing, communications, flight and launches, and over all areas such as astronomy, astronautics, robotics, space tourism, colonisation, logistics and space exploration.

The company aims to put pressure on the UK Space Agency to ensure the government agency pushes forward with its investment and operations so as to benefit the UK and also to provide lower cost alternative options to expensive government contracts, ensuring the taxpayer and British businesses are getting the best deal possible as well as giving the general public more control and more choice.

The carbon-neutral space programme is very important at a time when Brexit threatens to diminish environmental standards and especially in such a rapidly growing industry in the UK right now where there currently seems to be almost no consideration regarding the environmental impact of operations at all. The company aims to change this attitude and make businesses within the industry realise they can save money by adopting more environmentally friendly technology and practices.

The UK’s Space Industry Bill (SIA) from 2018 enables the first space launch from British soil in history and it looks like UKCOA is going to vehemently pursue being the one to perform that first launch.

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