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Kroh Exploration, LLC is making a Wave in the Fort Worth, Texas Oil Playground

Kroh Exploration is making a Wave in the Fort Worth, Texas Oil Playground! What Makes Them Unique? "US," Says Brett Kroh, President and Founder and JB Yowell, Vice-President.


Fort Worth, TX- "It's us! We're the X-Factor behind Kroh Exploration and that's what our advantage is," says Partners Brett Kroh and JB Yowell. Completing their 1st year in business, Kroh Exploration is an ambitious and fast growing company lead by a mix of blooming executives and seasoned oil and gas industry professionals. Brett Kroh, President and Founder, along with JB Yowell, Partner and Vice-President, have focused the company’s efforts on proven areas of under developed reserves, finding marked success in a risky business. They have been tirelessly acquiring assets, developing plays, and producing oil in Northwest Texas, but their eyes are on the future. The company currently owns around 20 wellbores and is acquiring more acreage to drill.

Forecasting ahead, Brett Kroh states: “Our 5-10 year forecast is simple: aggressively acquire assets in proven areas, drill and produce as many economically viable properties without over operating, and generate between 30%-70% ROR across the board. That’s a win/win model that starts one well at a time! After we’re past the ‘crawling stage,’ which is made possible by private equity partners, we will begin to stand on our own two legs and sustain business growth with internal cash flow.”

JB Yowell, Partner and Vice-President, adds: “We are well poised to reach out into the equity market after just a few successful years with this perfect storm of mid-range prices and high production zones in our target areas.”

The operating entity Kroh Operating, LLC (TX License #478245) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kroh Exploration, LLC., and oversees operations of all the company’s producing wells. This dedicated operating entity allows Kroh to maintain full control of well production, bringing contractor costs down and limiting operational risk.

With a combination of confidence, experience, ambition, and integrity, Kroh Exploration has a dynamic edge and plans to shake the earth for years to come.

Kroh Exploration, LLC is an independent exploration and production company engaged in the development and production of proven under-developed (PUD) natural gas and oil properties located in Texas. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, the company primarily focuses on shallow to mid-range proven formations that can yield commercial production for long-term multiple ROI. Kroh’s operating officers and employees work tirelessly to build a respected, results-oriented brand within the industry whose success benefits employees, original investors, stockholders, and landowners.

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