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HCDI Saves Lives and Costs through its Health Plan Gap Closure Efforts for Hard to Reach Members

UHG a leader in their commitment to sustainability


August 2020, Lanham, MD - HealthCare Dynamics International (HCDI), a fast growing, disadvantaged, woman-owned small business specializing in health care quality improvement and population health, is honored to be recognized for its work addressing care delivered to our nation’s most vulnerable populations. Since 2016, HCDI has been deploying community health workers to identify and address care needs of thousands of Medicaid health plan beneficiaries. Through its work with UnitedHealth Group, HCDI has improved care and saved millions of dollars by reaching out to health plan members to support their receipt of needed preventive care services.

HCDI continues to exceed client expectations in closing HEDIS health preventative care gaps: 2019 goals over 2018 were exceeded by nearly 190%, impacting over 7,500 patients, ranging from annual wellness visits to lead screening and supplemental security income client support. Such interventions translate to better care, healthier populations, and huge savings for the health plan and healthcare costs nationwide. Through lead screening efforts alone, HCDI increased testing by 25% resulting in a savings of over $3 million dollars and averting the poisoning of almost 1,000 children.

HCDI is committed to our patient-centered culturally appropriate approach serving each member. HCDI has high member engagement rates, particularly reaching the most vulnerable in our communities. Using our tested and trusted approach to engage health plan members to support them in getting the care they need, HCDI increased member engagement by 55% from 2018 to 2019. HCDI’s President Jean Drummond “commends UnitedHealth Group’s continued commitment to sustainability through the launch of their inaugural sustainability report1 and their efforts to build a health system that works for everyone, with their focus on addressing healthcare disparities in vulnerable populations”.

HCDI’s proven human-centered, culturally and linguistically appropriate, grassroots engagement strategies and methodologies have increased the number of UnitedHealth Group’s member touches resulting in a significant rise in the number of gap closures. HCDI utilizes their evidence-based, innovative Caring for Your Health (CFYH) SDoH e-tool to address the social determinants of health (SDoH) to close HEDIS and value-based purchasing (VBP) gaps in care for United's hardest to reach populations.

Most importantly, HCDI cares about our communities and the results are clear. For more information about HCDI’s ongoing efforts to address and respond to the social determinants of health that drive over 80% of a person’s health outcomes, visit our website at

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