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New Printer Monitoring Software by fCoder is Available Now

PrintVisor, a software for watching multiple printers in the office, is now available as an open beta. The program can track ink and toner levels, printers' activity, and more, in real-time.


The software development company fCoder has announced it is making PrintVisor available for everyone as an open beta. PrintVisor is a new solution for real-time monitoring of printers' work on Windows.

PrintVisor is a software for printer monitoring – it automatically detects and displays all local, network, shared and virtual printers located in an office (and other locations) in one interface. For each printing device, it can provide information on print status, availability, print queue, and time of last activity. More details on each printer are also available; an administrator can see remaining ink and toner levels and see document printing statistics, for each device.

Additionally, there is a web dashboard with even more stats related to printing with data on printers, users, computers, documents, and pages. Therefore, PrintVisor is a simple solution to oversee all printers within an organization.

With PrintVisor, one can track printers' ink and toner, monitor print queues, check printer statuses and keep an eye on printing habits in the entire company. A system administrator (or an office manager, for example) can keep the application running in the background so that it doesn't distract employees.

The developers say the program is currently in beta testing. Still, they encourage everyone who has many printers and workstations to try it out at no charge.

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Since 1998, fCoder has been offering a range of professional software for Windows users. The company specialists develop desktop, server-side, and command-line programs for batch printing and file conversion. The applications, each focused on specific tasks, are being maintained and updated for a long while.

Software created by fCoder optimizes document processing as well as saves time and other resources of various companies, governmental entities, non-profit organizations, and individual users. The key products developed by fCoder are Print Conductor, FolderMill, Image Converter Plus, 2JPEG, 2TIFF, 2PDF, DocuFreezer, and Universal Document Converter.

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