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PixelPlex Developed An Anti-Counterfeiting Solution Called Blockverify

Among new anti-counterfeit solutions based on blockchain technology – Blockverify from PixelPlex. The network is intended to identify counterfeit goods and protect brands.


A software development company PixelPlex designed Blockverify – a supply chain management solution that contains a mechanism for counterfeit goods identification. The network is built using blockchain technology, therefore, it gives all the supply chain participants an opportunity to track the product from its origin to the consumer.

The PixelPlex team mentioned that their goal was to create a system that would automate and consolidate interactions between everyone in a supply chain: from manufacturers and logistics hubs to retailers and final consumers. The company did their best to design efficient tools for product lifecycle management and its authenticity verification.

The developers named four key features of Blockverify:

1. General access to manufacturers’ details and distribution history. Since every record added to the blockchain is unchangeable and timestamped, it is easy to track products, confirm their origins, and diminish risks to sell counterfeit goods in the end.
2. NFC tags for package verification and tracking. Every product at all stages of the supply chain keeps a label with a unique NFC tag. It is used to record the history of transfers, ownership, locations, and other significant distribution data. Intermediary stations and distribution centers staff open mobile apps, scan the tags, and verify goods authenticity.
3. Public and private blockchain options for supply chain data storage. Blockverify as a blockchain anti-counterfeit solution is possible to integrate into businesses of all types. Both public and private storage options with limited access to specific groups and third-party providers are enabled.
4. Digital identities for supply chain participants. Each network member is provided with a digital identity. They can check the changes in history, and that excludes the chance of counterfeit goods production and distribution.

Basically, the network represents a highly secure data transfer from supplier to manufacturer, from manufacturer to distributor, and all the way to the consumer. As the PixelPlex team noted, Blockverify also significantly increases the efficiency and transparency of the supply chain processes. Find more information here:

About the company: PixelPlex is a custom software and product development company with a focus on blockchain technology. The company also successfully delivers projects in AI, IoT, VR/AR, big data, and cybersecurity.

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