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More And More People Are Getting Funded With City Traders Imperium

There has never been a better time to join the City Traders Imperium network as a fully funded trader.


There has never been a better time to join the City Traders Imperium network as a fully funded trader. With funded traders all around the globe who are successful portfolio managers, CTI sets you up to succeed by giving you all the assistance you need to pass your evaluation.

Phil Thomas traded in the stock markets for years only to lose his accumulated gains, much to his dismay. He then decided to with to the Forex market and spent several months working on his strategy and learning the skills needed to become a consistently profitable forex trader. But a problem arose when he realised that because of the size of his account, the growth of his capital was incredibly slow. That’s when he decided to look around and came across City Traders Imperium. After a few hiccups here and there, with full assistance from CTI, Phil managed to pass his evaluation, reaching his target of 6% in a good amount of time.

Phil recounts that what truly helped him was his power over his mind, even more so than the strategy that he used. Combining that with excellent risk management practices and Phil is now a portfolio manager with a fully funded trading account worth $50,000.

An even more exceptional story is that of Rodrigo Torres. Rodrigo started as a junior analyst at a financial firm. After years of analysing the markets and assisting with market strategies, he learned a thing or two, so he decided to follow his dreams and become an independent forex trader, answering to nobody. To acquire the funds he needed, Rodrigo applied to join a funded trader program with CTI, and he was given his evaluation account. Rodrigo passed his evaluation in record time, reached and even exceeded the agreed target of 7%, at 9% profits made. He did all of this within the span of just over a month, which makes his feats even more impressive. Rodrigo quickly became a portfolio manager with a trading account worth $52,000. Rodrigo attributes his success to CTI and their readiness to guide and assist him at every turn. CTI members were always on call to assist whenever he needed help.

Following CTI’s trading guidelines also allowed him to learn how to employ even stricter risk management techniques with the strategies he learned over the years, improving his overall discipline. Today, Rodrigo is now a member of CTI’s golden circle, having proven himself invaluable to the team. He now heads the marketing division, and when he isn’t trading, he works with his team members to bring forex trading to the mainstream. You can be a success story, too; all it takes is a dream and a little determination. So take your first steps with CTI, and watch your story unfold.

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