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Autos For Autism Virtual Car Show Benefiting the Ted Lindsay Foundation Goes Live

After a breakout inaugural year, the Stahl’s Auto Foundation car show is adapting to the current climate by hosting their 2020 event online on Topmarq.


In 2019, the show was hosted at the foundation’s sprawling museum and featured many one-of-a-kind classic vehicles. Celebrity guests Wayne Carini and Dylan Larkin brought crowds from all over Michigan up to the Chesterfield location. The successful event ended with a ceremonial presentation of a $27,000 check to the Ted Lindsay Foundation.

This year presented a very different and troubling situation with the vast majority of major car shows across the country wiped out until at least 2021 due to COVID-19. Sadly, these events often support local charities and their cancellation means fewer funds for the causes. Rather than wait until next year, Stahl’s Auto Foundation decided to quickly pivot and came up with a novel solution. The 2020 show was transformed overnight into a virtual car show hosted on the Topmarq platform welcoming all types of vehicles.

Visit the show -

Participants of the show made a $25 donation to the Ted Lindsay Foundation and are on display for all to see and vote on from September 28 through October 2 at 5PM CT. The event is broken down into 6 classes and the winners of each class will proceed to a finals round judged by special celebrity judges. Virtual attendees are encouraged to donate to the cause via the Paypal link on the event. They are also welcomed to vote for their favorite vehicle in each class once a day to take part in determining the winners. As a special prize for the class winners proceeding to the final round, they will be featured in a special episode of ‘Under the Radar Michigan’.

Attendees are able to enjoy more than just the photos of each vehicle using the Topmarq platform. “One of the best parts of a Topmarq virtual car show is the stories from the owners, ” said Topmarq Founder, Quinn Osha. “Those included with some of the vehicles in this event are both interesting and incredibly moving.”

“Their story is an incredible testament to how cars can bring people together and are much more than the metal they’re made of,” said Osha, referring to the entry of a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda, which features an emotional origin story. The owners met in High School and later fell in love after reconnecting through mutual friends. After the husband sadly passed away in 2019 from Pancreatic cancer, the vehicle keeps the connection alive.

About Topmarq -

Topmarq is a software platform designed for car enthusiasts and provides hybrid and virtual car shows. While virtual is the new normal for now, ultimately we look forward to the return of in person shows so that our focus can shift back to enhancing that experience. We aim to bring unique and customized vehicles to the masses through exciting online events.

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